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ToyREP Documentation


On this page you will find detailed list of printer parts. As ToyREP 3D printer is quite modular, this page serves as a guide for the default set-up.


Most of the parts mentioned here can be obtained on internet. Best princes are usually on Chinese e-shops. These parts may suffice as their functionality is almost the same as of originals, but sometimes may happened that they are somehow faulty. The fault is usually not obvious for the first sight. In my experience it was for eg. PCB heatbed that did not have required resistance, so it was not reaching desired temperature or 608ZZ bearing that did not have the bore hole exactly in the centre. If you are looking for the best price you will have to live with the fact, that some parts will have to be ordered repeatedly.


I am sorry for any mistakes that may appear in any documentations for the printer and would like to ask you kindly to give me a notice of any problem you will find on thorgal(at)atlas(dot)cz. Despite my genuine regret I cannot be held responsible for any loses or injuries caused by calibration or operation of the ToyREP 3D printer.


Parts for default set-up with embedded 111x78x36mm big PSU, Arduino Mega 2560 with RAMPS 1.4, 100x100x100mm big print volume, short throw geared extruder for 1.75mm filament with E3D clone hotend, 120x120x3mm polycarbonate sheet as cold bed.

BoM with prices can be downloaded also from here: File:2015-10-01

Plastic parts

Picture Quantity Description Comments
ToyREP-PSU1.jpg 1 PSU1 Cover Chose ToyREP-PSU2.stl for 129x99x38mm bigger PSU
ToyREP-PCB1-1.jpg 1 PCB1-1 Mount Chose ToyREP-PCB2-1.stl PSU2.stl for bigger PSU2
ToyREP-PCB1-2.jpg 1 PCB1-2 Mount Chose ToyREP-PCB2-2.stl PSU2.stl for bigger PSU2
ToyREP-X1.jpg 1 Left X Axis
ToyREP-X2.jpg 1 Right X Axis
ToyREP-Carriage.jpg 1 Carriage
ToyREP-Y1.jpg 1 Front Y Axis Motor Mount
ToyREP-Y2.jpg 1 Rear Y Axis Bearing Mount
ToyREP-Frog.jpg 1 Frog base
ToyREP-Frog 100.jpg 2 Frog 100mm extenders For 125x125mm print area use ToyREP-Frog_125.stl
ToyREP-Leg.jpg 4 Y Frame Corner Leg
ToyREP-Z1.jpg 1 Left Z Motor Mount
ToyREP-Z2.jpg 1 Right Z Motor Mount
ToyREP-ZMAX.jpg 2 Z Axis Top Bracing Use ToyREP-ZMAX1.stl and ToyREP-ZMAX2.stl for bracing with 608ZZ bearings to suspend M5/8 threaded rods
ToyREP-T2.5 Pulley.jpg 2 T2.5 20 Teeth Timing Belt Pulley Alternatively use ToyREP-T2.5_Pulley_Rev2.STL or ToyREP-GT2_Pulley_Rev2.stl for timing belts with width up to 7mm.
ToyREP-Z Joint.jpg 2 Z Axis Motor Joint
ToyREP-Extruder Rev1.jpg 1 Extruder body
ToyREP-Idler.jpg 1 Extruder Idler
ToyREP-Gear.jpg 1 Big Gear With 36 Teeth Use this For Hyena hobbed bolt or hobbed bolt with hexnut with distance of groove to head 23mm. For different distances use ToyREP-Gear_26mm.stl or ToyREP-Gear_30mm.stl
ToyREP-Pinion.jpg 1 Small Gear With 9 Teeth
ToyREP-Fan.jpg 1 Fan And Hotend Mount

Rods, Screws And Nuts

Picture Quantity Description Comments
3 M8x255mm Threaded Rod Alternatively 265mm long for PSU2 and/or 125x125mm print area or 240mm for printer with 100x100mm print area and without PSU.
2 M8x245mm Threaded Rod Alternatively 265mm long for PSU2 and/or 125x125mm print area or 230mm for printer with 100x100mm print area and without PSU.
4 M8x170mm Threaded Rod Alternatively 180mm long for PSU2 and/or 125x125mm print area or 155mm for printer with 100x100mm print area and without PSU.
2 Ø8x225mm Y Axis Smooth Rod Alternatively 245mm long for PSU2 and/or 125x125mm print area or 220mm for printer with 100x100mm print area and without PSU.
2 Ø8x295mm Z Axis Smooth Rod
2 Ø8x245mm X Axis Smooth Rod Alternatively 255mm long for PSU2 and/or 125x125mm print area or 230mm for printer with 100x100mm print area and without PSU.
1 Ø8x15mm Idler Smooth Rod
2 M5x250mm Z Movement Threaded Rod
1 M3x90mm Threaded Rod Z endstop distance
50 M8 Hex Nut
1 M8 Nylock Nut For Hobbed bolt
84 M8 Washer Additional washer are used to set correct distance between plastic parts. The amount can vary.
2 M6 Mudgard Washer On top of 624ZZ bearings serving a a timing belt pulley
2 M5 Hex Nut Z axis movement. Glue them to into X1 and X2 plastic part.
2 M4x20mm Round-pan Screw For 624ZZ bearings
6 M4x50 Countersunk Screws For frog and geared extruder
8 M4 Hex Nut
18 M4 Washers
3 M3X10 Countersunk Screw For PSU installation
4 M3x16mm Round-pan Screw For Fan
4 M3x20mm Countersunk Screw For Z joints
5 M3x25mm Countersunk Screw For cold bed, idler
2 M3x30mm Countersunk Screw To secure hotend
4 M3x35mm Round-pan Screw To attach fan mount to carriage
9 M3 Hex Nut
6 M3 Nylock Nut For extruder body and frog
4 M3x12 Hex Nut If long hex nut not available glue into each hole of fan mount two M3 nuts. Keep them apart.
8 M3 Washer
11 3X13mm Round-pan Wood Screw PSU Cover and X, Y, Z, E Motor installation
6 2.5X10mm Round-pan Wood Screw X, Y, Z endstop installation

Bearings, Belts, Motors And Other Parts

Picture Quantity Description Comments
1 T2.5x500mm Timing belt Alternatively 520mm long for PSU2 and/or 125x125mm print area or 470mm for printer with 100x100mm print area and without PSU.
1 T2.5x480mm Timing belt Alternatively 500mm long for PSU2 and/or 125x125mm print area or 450mm for printer with 100x100mm print area and without PSU.
1 Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Any other Arduino Mega compatible board.
1 RAMPS 1.4 Both plugs for power supply have to be replaced with screw terminals prior installation.
2 2 way PCB screw terminal with pitch 5mm To be installed on RAMPS 1.4 instead of power plugs.
4 Stepper Driver DRV8825 Alternatively Stepper Driver A4988.
5 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor Length of wire c. 850, 500, 250, 180 and 120mm
3 Micro Switch Mounting holes Ø2.5mm 9.5mm apart, length of wire c. 850, 850 and 300mm
1 E3D Clone With 12V 40W ceramic heat cartridge and 100k Ohm thermistor, length of wire c. 950mm
1 40x40x10mm Fan Small 12V fan, length of wire c. 950mm
11 LM8UU Bearing Linear motion on smooth rods. Can be replaced by printed LM8UU replacement.
3 608ZZ Bearing
2 624ZZ Ball Bearing
1 M8 Hobbed bolt for eg. Hyena hobbed bolt.
1 1.8m Power Supply cable with plug c. 1.5-2m long PC cable would be just fine - cut of the computer Euro connector, keep power socket plug.
1 200mm Dual Line cable Should be able to withstand at least 12V 4A, Insulation with two colours to distinguish +12V and -12V
1 Power supply switch (250V, 1A) Installation into panel with mounting hole 13x19mm
4 Ø6mmx25 Heat Shrink
2 Ø8/5x20mm PVC Tube
1 120x120x3mm Polycarbonate Plate Mounting holes in corners 105x105mm apart. Bigger bed is 145x145x3mm with mounting holes 130x130mm apart.
6 Ø7/5x15mm Spring Extruder and frog
33 Cable Tie To attach LM8UU bearing to plastic parts and tie up the cables.