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Language Issue/s on this page!
This article needs translation into English.

This article is written in a language other than English. As it is intended for readers from the RepRap community, Alternate translations are encouraged. In particular, an English translation is required. Please see the layout and translations of the http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Main_Page as an example of how this should be achieved. in short you should follow these conventions: If your page is called XXXXX, and is not in english, please do the following:

  • add a languages header to the page, using {{Languages}}
  • copy the non-english content from the "primary" page to the appropriate language page. For example, if your content is in Deutsch, move the content from XXXXX to XXXXX/de
  • revise the original XXXXX page to be english-only, except for the "Languages" header.