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|status = Abandoned|Obsolete|Concept|Experimental|Working
|name = 
|description = 
|license = 
|author = 
|reprap = 
|categories = 
|cadModel = 
|url = 


The Goal of this page is to provide a template to categorize and organize RepRap development in a similar way that MediaWiki categorizes it's extensions (see the extension template in use here). Unfortunately for the time being we do not have a recent enough version of MediaWiki to do some of the cooler auto-categorization things that template does. This is what the extension template looks like:

{{Extension|templatemode =
|name        = Add Metas
|status      = experimental
|type1       = example
|type2       =
|hook1       =
|hook2       =
|username    =
|author      = Luis Diaz
|description =This extension enables you to add meta tags on all the pages like meta keywords.
|image       =
|imagesize   =
|version     =0.1
|update      =
|mediawiki   =Tested on 1.10.0
|license     =
|download    =[http://www.buntulug.com.ar/wiki/Add_Metas buntulug.com.ar]
|readme      =
|changelog   =
|parameters  =
|rights      =
|example     =

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