TechZone Thermocouple Firmware

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This should not be considered "official" firmware as it was provided by one TechZone electronics user in South Africa to another in Australia, both of which are not associated with TechZone.

Since TechZone has been incredibly tardy in providing these instructions (even though they are selling "complete kits"), I have provided this on the wiki in the hope that it will help other TechZone users.

The firmware zip file contains a README that explains how to adjust the firmware for the case where you are using a thermistor instead of a thermocouple.

Follow the offical mendel instructions for how to install this firmware.

Here is the firmware I have working on my Techzone Machine. Please note that one of my FETs has failed, so I am driving the heater from the B outputs (as opposed to the default C outputs): I have also disabled acceleration in the motherboard firmware because using skeinforge output, it was trying to drive the Z axis way too fast (regardless of the max Z speed I set in skeinforge).


Another alternative firmware for Gen3 EC2.2: DIY_PCBs_double_sided_toner_transfer#Firmware_for_EC2.2_board_with_dual_temp