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A Collection of links and information regarding TechZone Builds

TZ Laser Cut Mendel Repstrap


-Always use a 4th stepper controller to drive the extruder, save yourself the trouble of trying to use the extruder controller to drive that motor, and let it focus on its other tasks....

-If you are new to repraps, but are staring down a new TechZone kit, the extruder you are looking at is probably printed, and looks unlike the wooden one in the wiki above. Look at this: Wade's_Geared_Extruder.

-Even using the same starting components, variations in tip wiring and thermocouple placement lead to variations ideal operating temperature. Test a new tip by starting at 150C, and boosting by 5-10 degree increments until the filament flows through the tip. It should probably be able to be pushed through the tip by hand - one can clamp the tip onto a 2x4 and observe this. Alternatively, you can just have it mounted and observe the same process. Some small amounts of smoke can be typical for a new tip, depending on how it was put together, but it should be able to maintain the proper temperature without smoking shortly thereafter. Any more smoke than this and you've got bigger problems.

-The extruder supplied by techzone can be clipped in place with twisty ties or zip ties on the back and a strong binder clip holding down the front . While some may find this too crude, it is useful if one has to remove the extruder with any frequency.

-Adjusting the Z-height zero properly is an art. Becoming adept at this adjustment will be of great benefit.

TZ Huxley

TZ Mondo