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Firmware version?

Will this solution support the current firmware or will the firmware have to be configured for the correct pin allocations? Or, will there be a new firmware branch (or chapter within the firmware) for this system? Great work btw! Very compact and simple. --Matthew 08:51, 24 March 2011 (UTC)

gEDA Files?

Any hope that this project (obviously, since this is the project page) will provide files in gEDA format, or some other than Eagle? I don't particularly like the limitations that the free version Cadsoft puts on me (not to mention that I'm in favor of being as open source in the development approach as possible).

Thanks for considering.

--RandyHall 00:01, 18 March 2011 (UTC)

(not to mention that I'm in favor of being as open source in the development approach as possible).
I think everyone here is pretty keen on it, except for one philosopher who's trying to build a closed-source reprap. (I don't think that version will self-replicate and take over the planet. :D ) However, if we consider RepRap's context: we do have a number of practicing engineers, students, academics, tinkerers, entrepreneurs who are very used to their particular toolset and workflow. In such cases, we have two options, (1) to host open-source files written used closed-source tools, or (2) fuss at, pester, or annoy the people who use closed-source tools until they either (a) follow current orthodox ideology or (b) wander away. We tend to go with (1).

I don't know that Joem is going to double-document in another CAD software, but I think he'd be pleased and honored if you did were to transcribe the design into the cad program of your choosing. Do ping him in the forum / reprap-dev email thread and send him some warm fuzzies chat about the design.

--Sebastien Bailard 04:45, 18 March 2011 (UTC)

Note that to get the rev 1.3a files from github, you have to click on the file name, then in the blank display click 'raw'. I had trouble opening the schematic with Eagle until I did this.

Parts List

Some notes on the parts list

The 16P header 517-974-01-16 is depreciated and has been replaced by 517-929974-01-16-RK.

Proposals: 649-69190-410HLF quantity 16 change to quantity 4. It would be 16 if this was a 2 pin header, but it's now 10 pin.

571-6404554 quantity 7 change to quantity 6 - there's no way to use a right angle connector like that on the 2nd Z motor connector. On the 1.3a board the 10 pin header on the BOM can be snapped down to 6 positions for the MS jumpers, and one of the four pins that were snapped off can be used for the 2nd Z axis motor connector, and the other 4 pin snapped off bits can populate the auto-rst position (2 pins) and the ISP header (2x 3 pins).

Find an alternative to molex socket pin 08-50-0030 (tape packaged). The tape packaged contacts are needlessly difficult to use when installing manually - they have to be cut off extremely close to the contact and this is very difficult with hand tools.