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There is a link to RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Schematics. The schematic has an error. EXP2 and EXP1 pins numbers are reversed. To correct this, copy the EXP2 pin numbers on top of the EXP1 pin numbers, and vice-versa. so EXP1 has pin 1 to VCC and pin 10 to Beeper, and EXP2 has pin 10 to MISO and pin 1 to KILL. This will match up to the BRD and SCH files for the Rambo Adapter.

There are some problems with the connector schematics. AUX3 is labeled backward (or actually the characters for the labels overlap inside the "box"). What is labeled as pin 1 is actually pin 7 (GND). By switching the pin numbers around, it matches, except for D43 which is not on AUX3. D49 is.

If in doubt, check the RAMPS 1.4 schematics and board layout.

--AndrewBCN (talk) 19:37, 10 March 2015 (PDT)

LCD Connect Schematic is misleading

The pinout on AUX3 is labeled backwards. Look at the Ramps board drawing for correct wiring. This bit me while troubleshooting. Hopefully it can be corrected before it bites someone else.