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Use this area as a sandbox for trying out different table layouts.

NOTE: Unless there are objections, I would like to update the table on the main page so it looks like the one below. -Matt (Dec 21 2013)

Website File Upload File Download File Aggregator File Licenses Buy 3D Printed Items Sell Items Printed on Your Own 3D Printer Sell Your Own Design Files Notes/Status Outside Affiliation Website Source Code Availability
123D Gallery Autodesk No
3DaGoGo Register Register/Mix No closed source No No Yes No
3dburrito ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Early Dev Status ?
3dhacker ? Free
3D Hubs register N/A Yes Yes local 3D printer network
3dlt Register Pay
3D Part Source
3D pinpoint register N/A Yes Yes local 3D printer network
3dprintingmodel ? Mix
The 3D Studio
Bld3r Register Free Yes CC +more Bld3r also aggregates objects from other sites. Previews via webGL. Soon (post-beta)
CG Trader
CNC King
Cubehero Register Free Public Domain and Creative Commons version control, OpenSCAD and STL previews, group discussions Some
Cubify 3D Systems
FAB Fabbers Register Free ? Upload from GitHub repository
Forme It
SketchUp 3D Warehouse Trimble, Google
Grab Cad
Instructables search for "3D printing"
MakerLove adult themed
Mixee Labs
Parametric Parts Register Mix CC & commercial Parametric scripted models through CadQuery, based on FreeCAD Some
Pirate Bay Physibles Free Free Downloads via BitTorrent
Print To Peer
RAScomRAS Yes Spanish Language
Repables Register Free CC and GNU +more
RepRap Wiki Register Free
rinkak Japanese Language
Shapeways Register Mix
Sketchfab Register N/A primary emphasis on embedded 3D viewing
Stanford 3D Scanning Repository N/A Free
Thing Tracker Network N/A N/A Yes See Thing Tracker Viewer here:
Thingiverse Register Free CC and GNU +more Makerbot, Stratasys Some
You3Dit design and printing services network
YouMagine Register Free CC & GPLv3 Ultimaker

Justifications for edits I made

  • Sketchup was spun off from Google to Trimble Navigation in 2012.
  • iMakr seems to have no section for models on their own site. Instead, they own MyMiniFactory which is already in the list
  • redirects to Zwondik, a completely irrelevant site

Anything edited but not justified here has been described in the actual edit (like, in the notes column)

Some sites were removed because they did not fit (even loosely) into the following statement, which is the article's statement of purpose: "Below is a table listing online repositories of 3D models."

The following sites were removed because they were not online repositories of 3D models and had no part of their site which could be construed as such. Most of them were sites which are made to bring 3D printer owners and 3D modellers together, allowing the latter to use the first's printers. All of them were sites which didn't have any facilities to download 3D models even if the user wanted to pay and didn't appear to be planning to be offering such a service:

  • MakeXYZ
  • PonoKo
  • PrintToPeer
  • Sculpteo
  • Shapeways
  • 3D Hubs
  • 3DLT

I made the article's intro more precise so that people don't keep adding the wrong sites.

I have re-added these sites to RelatedSites where they are more appropriate.

If there's any objection to my edit, please raise them here or edit carefully instead of just reverting the whole thing, because that may revert edits about objective facts (like the sites which are down). A compromise might be to list them under a different section, or to go for the "truth table" approach, listing "y" or "n" for the features of the site. See Matt's post above. I actually like it a lot better and didn't see it at first, and might work at doing it......tomorrow :) --Immaupdatedatlist (talk) 13:34, 4 March 2015 (PST)

Your edits look good to me. Thank you for documenting the justifications so thoroughly. MattMoses (talk) 23:24, 8 March 2015 (PDT)