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It would be helpful if someone posted a bill of materials for the pololu electronics.

The pololu schematic has been hacked, the other half of the pololu boards are missing I think? should be 16 connections not 8 Can some one put the original back?

> No - it's in two halves for the two boards. The Pololus plug in both sides. - AB.

Any thoughts on reverse voltage detection? When the reprap is Off and the mechanics are moved voltages are induced on the motors and passed back into the system via the 12V connection. It would be nice to at least put a diode 1N4001 or similar in line with the motor supply to prevent this. Or am I missing something?

> No - that would be a good idea.

The 47k pull up on the MS2 and MS3 pins is inappropriate because there is an internal 100k pull-down on those pins. This effectively creates a 1/2 voltage divider, which should lead to unreliable microstepping. RyanTM 18:18, 10 June 2011 (UTC)

> Again, good point. Probably simplest just to connect them directly to VCC.


(Perhaps this discussion should move to the endstop talk page?)

Does someone know that how can I use mechanical (N.C / N.O) microswitchs as endstops with pololu electronics? Should I do some changes with the code maybe, and what pins should I connect to the signal side endstop pads?

> I am using plain three pin microswitches as endstops with two wires, just wire the NC (normally closed) and the common pins of the switch to the signal and ground pins of the RAMPS, and mod in consequence the configuration.h in Sprinter. This is explained in the RAMPS pages. Works perfectly. Lanthan 21 August 2011

What did you mean with: "mod in consequence the configuration.h in Sprinter" How should I set the preferences in configuration.h? Are they max or min type and are they inverting or not inverting? btw I'm using FiveD fimware Hugo's Electronics21 August 2011