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I have some questions and part of them have got the unsure answers.

1) Q: What is the new tool chain to make my Reprap for milling and drilling?

A: The g-code creating software must change. The new tool head will be a milling/drilling,find a way to mount it.

2) Q: Should the firmware be changed?

A: NO.

3) Q: Should the host software be changed?

A: If your host file can load the g-code file, don't need to change it. For example, Pronterface can't load a g-code file (is this true?).

4) Q: Which g-code creating software can I use?

A: For PCB milling, see PCB Milling. For general milling, about any software producing G-code is suitable. For example, Catia's built in milling solution is known to work for a WolfStrap running Teacup.

5) Q: Anybody did a whole system testing?

A: Yes. See e.g.: Gen7 Stories.


I suggest merging all the text from category: millingToolheads into milling and Drilling Head. --DavidCary (talk) 08:38, 30 May 2014 (PDT)