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This extruder seems to use much more plastic and more difficult to print. The advantages seems to me not expressive. I still think Wade extruder still the best. But I like to see this new one, is beauty because looks a more complex machine ;-)

Your right, the advantages of this over Adrian's and Wade's are small. Actually, the advantages of any of the extruder drivers over another is minimal IMHO, its just a matter of personal preference. Also, as you say it is trickier to print and uses more material. I think the main different is the height of the gears, these are 12mm. I think we should be able to go down to 8mm without to much trouble; but I wanted to err on the side of caution, at least to begin with. Rhys

Question February 4, 2014 - I don't know if this is maintained anymore or if anyone uses this design at all, but my question is this: I am happy with the basic Wade's Extruder but the Herringbone Gear does appeal to me for the smooth action advantages. Is it possible to use just the gears from this build on a Wade's extruder? Are there specific modifications which would need to be completed to make this feasible?