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I'm a bit worried about this "please don't copy this board" phrase. This is an open source project, copying is one of the steps to improving.

I admire your willingness to do everything profit free, but this might be a little naive. I've been building electronics at home for people as cheap as I can, but I've spent many nights until 3am trying to complete orders next to the normal 9-5 job that I have to pay the bills. It's not just a question of heating up a few boards for a few minutes. If you have a pick n place, then maybe it would go quicker, but currently it takes me about 45 minutes to build an extruder V2.2 board from scratch and get it tested. Then there is the time (and cost) involved of packing them, shipping them, replying to emails from people who don't know how to use them. To do it legitimately also means registering a company, paying the correct taxes, in EU doing a VAT return every 3 months. This takes a surprising amount of effort, time and money. I think that Camiel will also agree with me here and he is working on this full time if I understand it correctly. I'm not saying you should become a millionaire over night, but make it worth your time and effort (even if you, like me, use the profits to build more machines and test out new ideas).

Negative aspect aside, I think we'd all like to see some of your schematics (even just scanned from your first sketches) so that we can get an idea of the scope of your improvements. I am looking forward to what you can offer and would be willing to try to help you out as much as possible (from the EU). --Matthew 10:05, 30 October 2010 (UTC)