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Original text from #makergear (some spell checking done):

ZetaPhoenix: honestly, I think we should name the electronics after famous electrical scientists.  AKA Ohm, Volta, Watt, Tesla etc...
_maxbots_: Good idea!
ZetaPhoenix: one list I found was:
_maxbots_: Suppose it makes sense to use them alphabetically, so I hereby claim Ampere for my boards. :-)
|-|LoD|-|: I'll take Aardvark then
_maxbots_: Was he a famous electrical scientist?
|-|LoD|-|: Sir Yohan Aardvark, inventor of the electric pickle
_maxbots_: Hmm, somehow missed him. :-)
|-|LoD|-|: Surely you're aware of the recent advances in electric pickle technology.  They're using micro-pulses to illuminate the pickles at a much higher brightness than before possible.  Soon pickles will replace LEDs
|-|LoD|-|: once they work out the whole 'smelling like a pickle' bit
|-|LoD|-|: (Were I not a lazy man, I would go edit Wikipedia right now)
ZetaPhoenix: Well, I would start by age of when they were important
ZetaPhoenix: so there is some form of order that can grow easily
_maxbots_: Yeah, but Ampere makes a cool name. :-)
ZetaPhoenix: I mean, I dont think we should use Farnsworth (inventor of the TV) before Watt
_maxbots_: Would Volta be first then?
ZetaPhoenix: I think
ZetaPhoenix: we would need to establish some order and figure out what qualifies you.
_maxbots_: Yeah, looking solely at DOB, he is the first
_maxbots_: And Volta is a close second choice. :-)
ZetaPhoenix: I just found that link, but was there much more b4 him?
_maxbots_: No, he seems to be the first
_maxbots_: Not an expert on the history of electricity, but he is the first that I remember
* ZetaPhoenix quickly does a search on the history of electricity
ZetaPhoenix: another good list:
_maxbots_: That last one doesn't even list Volta unless I'm just missing it
ZetaPhoenix: as will all things on the internet everything you read is correct (AKA take everything with a grain of salt).
_maxbots_: I think the first list you found is sufficient, and it give me the much better name of Volta rather than Franklin. :--)
ZetaPhoenix: I agree
ZetaPhoenix: but I do think a table should be devised in the reprap wiki
_maxbots_: Fair enough, but not yet... Otherwise Camiel may claim Volta. :-)
ZetaPhoenix: lol
_maxbots_: Though I will leave the ethics of that decision up to others. :-)
ZetaPhoenix: well, he can keep "Gen6" as gen 4 and 5 have not been released

.... non relevant content ....

_maxbots_: Just didn't see it, so thought it must be the one I was looking at, but it ois there
_maxbots_: You should ad Franklin to the list so the Gen 6 can be named Franklin. :-)
ZetaPhoenix: ... its on there
_maxbots_: Oh, see he is there. :-)
_maxbots_: Yeah
ZetaPhoenix: like I said, unordered
_maxbots_: Didn't see the unordered bit
_maxbots_: ;-)
_maxbots_: Shit... All this work and it occurs to me that there is no way I can fit this hole board in a 3x4 space
_maxbots_: I could do it in DesignSpark if I had the patience to learn a new program right now.
ZetaPhoenix: one thought is to only use more common names ex. vota, joule, watt, ohm.  I had not hear of Siemens, Coulomb, Seebeck (which is how thermocouples work)
ZetaPhoenix: what are you running into?
_maxbots_: Well, Siemens is one of the biggest companies in the world
ZetaPhoenix: ... but in the electrical term

Can we at least change the names to reflect the design source? That would give us "Makerbot gen3", "Mendel-parts gen6", etc. just like 'Wade's geared extruder' and Adrian's geared extruder'. or at least move the pages to make them subcatagories of "Makerbot Electronics," "Et cetera Electronics"--Buback 15:10, 14 October 2010 (UTC)

I vote for Turing next. As I can not think another famous geneticist, we could switch to computing engine names. On the other hand, "Turing Machine" is the name I am used to for the "Universal Fabricator" that Reprap is pushing towards, so maybe we should save it for later, for a machine that can make most of its own parts. There is also Alfred Russel Wallace who independently proposed natural selection at about the same time as Darwin. Or James Watson, Nobel Proze for discovering the double helix. rocket_scientist 27 October 2010

Personally, I'm more worried about making sure the boards have the full reprap url on them and actually getting the files into the wiki. That stuff is much more fundamental than names.

I mean, I don't think we've had a set of boards with the full url on them since gen 1. I know gen 2 and gen 3 didn't, for RRRF marketing reasons. --Sebastien Bailard 02:48, 28 October 2010 (UTC)