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why redirct?

Why the redirect? This page has nothing to do with laser cutting and the usual way is to 3d print a Mendel. --User:MarcusWolschon

User:RaphaelLuckom moved it (and changed the name of the page) to make it clear that it is documentation specific to LaserCut Mendel. The earlier name, "Complete Beginner Help" was ambiguous and would seem to be about generic printed RepRap.

(Quite nice of him to be doing up some extra docs, btw.)

If you check "What links here" on the sidebar for the page formerly known as Complete Beginner Help you'll see that it is not linked to by our generic printed RepRap documentation. For this reason, it was probably not necessary to move the page, but is a nice touch. --Sebastien Bailard 09:40, 11 May 2011 (UTC)