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Notice of Wiki Refactoring

This page has been superseded by a category-based development page for better scalability to contain all RepRap-based development and extension. All links have been migrated to the new development pages or their appropriate help section. Please see Category:Development.

This decision was made by user:theOtherRob in the spirit of do-ocrasy, if you disagree please leave me a comment and we can collaborate on a better solution.

--TheOtherRob 17:47, 18 January 2010 (UTC)

Uncategorized Builders Talk

Can a admin go through when you have a chance and delete the pages "Build Guide _____" I think originally someone was trying to make a group of pages for new users about building but it was kind of abandoned and it was easier to just keep all information in the location we have now. Also can you delete the page Mediawiki\index.php it was some spam page. Thank you. -Kyle

I'm starting a page on bed materials that I've tried so far, and putting it under the Extruder heading, but I wonder if we should have a new heading called Fabrication Techniques? - Wade 2008.10.01

Suggestion for new catagories: Mechanics_sources and Electronic_sources

Greetings all,

First off, please bear with me; I'm fairly new to Wiki-usage. It seems to me that this Wiki would benefit from a few more top (or at least fairly high up) categories: Sources for mechanical things and sources for electrical/electronic things. (Or perhaps merged, since motors and some sensors bridge the two.) How does one add new categories, and who can do so? IMHO, these/this categories should include sources for tools as well as materials. What say you?

I'd be happy to add info for the sources I've found most useful (in the US); with the hope that reprappers in other countries would chime in with theirs.

-- Larry