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Is it the same printer than the Velleman K8200 ?

The Velleman K8200 printer seem to me the exact copy of this one? Are they the same thing with different names ? See

The K8200 is said to be Open Source on their page ... but sources can't be find.

If they are the same, then maybe it's possible to ass them to the vendor list.

 Yes, the 3drag kit it's actually the Velleman K8200 kit, with controller 3drag controller from FuturaElettronica
 and some bonus like thermal paste, stickers and tips.
 --Siluxmedia (talk) 12:18, 11 January 2015 (PST)

On the page, all the parts are dxf only, but dxf files don't have depth. If there were 2 views of the parts then it could work. Has anyone found a real 3d model of these parts?