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Crystal Clear action run.png
T-Rep (preliminary)

Release status: Experimental

Description Aluminum T-Slot RepStrap
License GPL?
Author bothacker
Based-on Mendel
Categories T-Slot, Aluminum, Cartesian-XZ-head,
CAD Models none
External Link http://bothacker.com


The T-Rep is a prototype printer built primarily from 80/20 T-Slot extrusion and 1/8" aluminum plate. It has made the most progress among the ideas for building a RepStrap out of Extruded Aluminum.

This machine is under heavy development. It is currently (as of March 18, 2010) in a third design iteration, and about to start #4. Once the design begins to stabilize, I'll add more information.

Some progress pics:

T-Rep 2 <flickr>4393527759|none</flickr>

T-Rep 1 <flickr>4379919116|none</flickr>

T-Rep 0 (the progenitor, not T-slot) <flickr>3951997454|none</flickr>