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Release status: experimental

A simplified firmware for students
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A new project about a Simplified firmware for students.

From this perspective it has the name of Stu(dent)FW.

It is a fork of MK4Duo, that has been recently declared dead, why? Mainly because it use some clever techniques in the code:

  • It don't use temperature tables, but a simplified version of Steinhart-Hart forumla to tranlsate the data for thermistors.
  • It permits to change many parameters simply by issuing some Gcode commands, simplifying testing and trial and error tuning.
  • Last but not least is a good project and somewhat more easy to read and explain to students.

Design goals are:

  • Run on simple and cheap hardware. so the development is done using two main target board: RAMPS and MKS Gen 1.2 -1.4 that could be easily buy with low budget under 50€.
  • For the same reason only two LCD displays RepRapDiscount Full Graphics Controller - RepRapDiscount Smart Controller
  • No programmable drivers A4988 and DRV8825
  • No complicated features, the basic ABL with cheap sensors, maybe support for more extruders than two using some clever techniques like cheap relays and so on.

In the beginning it will be a simple stripped down version on MK4Duo 4.3.8 (as the higher revisions mainly add TMC support and some other complicated features).

Evolution in mind are:

  • New menu system, more easy and immediate to use in the everyday work or when testing and tuning a new 3d printer, assembled maybe from scratch and using some cheap or garbage salvaged components
  • A sort of EEPROM in SD that could permit to use the SD to read and write the data stored in EEPROM

I'm open to new ideas and suggestion, and i will appreciate also some collaboration in development.