Stepper Motor Spacer MDF

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I wanted to use the improved pulleys, (designed by nophead), that came with my parts kit. Unfortunately, the setscrew base moves the gear part of the pulley up above where the timing belting path normally is. I need to space the stepper motor away from the, (in this case) x-180-z-bearing-plate_2off part.

If I had a 3D printer, I guess I could print something. Until then, here's how to make spacers out of 5/16" MDF.

Measure your motor. I took two screws and put them in diagonal mounting holes in my motor. Then, using a inexpensive digital caliper, I measured the total distance. I then measured the thickness of the screw. The bolt hole radius is the overall length minus screw thickness divided by 2. (in my case: 1.832-0.117/2= .857 inches or ~22 mm)

Measure the "spacer envelope" I'm at 1.655 inches.

Using a ruler, pencil, and a compass, layout the spacer dimensions on a scrap piece of MDF. If you are making several at one time, make allowance between the pieces for the thickness of saw curfs.

Draw an X across corners of each spacer. Using the compass, trace an arc onto each leg of the X using the above calculated radius.

Drill out the holes using a larger than normal drill bit. Here, I've used some drywall screws to secure the MDF to a piece of scrap wood. I drilled the bolt hole out to 13/64th an inch (e.g. "big enough"), and the center pulley hole to 1 inch. I first pre-drilled the holes with a 1/16th inch bit.

Cut apart to finish. My drill ran out of juice, but I did finish one. Waiting for the drill battery pack to charge. I had to do a bit of light sanding on the side to finish.