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Start-Up 3D Delta printer

Release status: experimental

Start-Up 3D Delta printer
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Start-Up 3D delta printer is a small dimension delta 3D printer designed for desktop use and intended for hobbyist without previous experience with 3D printing. The print volume is currently only 160mm circle diameter, 150mm height of the object (should be extended to 160x160 mm) with unheated glass bed (currently used a glass bed with tiny layer of a dry glue for multiple prints without maintenance). Hotend E3D V6 clone with bowden extruder for 1.75mm PLA filament. Using NEMA17 stepper motors, Arduino Mega 2560 with Ramps 1.4 and A4988 StepStick stepper drivers as cheapest possible alternative. Construction is made of 30x30mm alu profiles connected by printed PLA parts. 8 mm smooth rods with bearings (LM8UU) are used with carbon rods (200 mm length) and traxxas joins for effector motion. The printer is still in development stage but also ready to use. There is used Raspberry Pi 3 instead of display and SD card connected to Arduino board. But of course can be used with this option witouth Raspberry Pi. Timing belt GT2 - pulleys 20 teeth are used. Printer size 320mm, height 520mm + spool of PLA on the top.


The external dimensions of the printer is 320mm, height 520mm + spool of PLA on the top. Print volume is 160mm circle diameter, 150mm height (should be extended to 160x160 mm).

Printer Specification

  • Print volume is 160mm circle diameter, 150mm height (should be extended to 160x160 mm).
  • Print material - PLA
  • Print speed 60mm/s
  • Print resolution 80 steps/mm on smooth rods, 0.0125mm/step
  • 8mm smooth rods with LM8UU bearings
  • 3 x NEMA17 stepper motor with 0.3Nm torque and 1 x NEMA17 stepper motors with 0.52Nm torque (for extruder)
  • GT2 pulley with 20 teeth and 5mm bore + GT2 belt (2mm pitch)
  • Arduino Mega 2560 with Ramps 1.4 and A4988 StepStick stepper drivers (1/16 microsteping used with A4988 driver)
  • Hotend E3D V6 clone with bowden extruder
  • Unheated glass bed with thin layer of a dry glue (can be used for multiple prints without maintenance)
  • Construction made from 30x30 mm alu profiles connected by PLA printed parts
  • Carbon rods with traxxas joins (length 200 mm)
  • Manual bed leveling (should be upgraded to auto bed leveling in the future)
  • Average power consumption under 50 wats.
  • Price under 200 €

Main Goals

The main reason for this construction was creation of small and cheap 3D delta printer for hobbyists. The printer should be cheap enough and easy to build to rise interest of peoples which do not have previous experience with 3D printing. It should provide reliable quality of prints. I called it Start-Up 3D printer as it can be a start up point for some people in world of 3D printing. People can learn things during the printer assemblement and then they can create their own extensions and upgrades of their printer. That is my intention to let people learn by their own experience and let them develope their knowledge.

3D printing is probably going to take a part of our daily lives in the future. I think that 3D printing will rise an industry of conformation (adaptation) and unique products instead of mass production. Instead of huge factories and global companies, small local companies can exist which can imediately react on the local demand and provide people exactly accurate products. I also think that it can make people a bit more independent on the current global market system. The last but not the least thing is that it definitely provide a huge space for people creativity which I think is not much common in curent world of mass production and mass of everything. We can see how the real world is digitalized but 3D printers again make the digitalized world come to real world. I think it can again make people to start thing instead of just consume everything round us.


Here are some pictures of the Start-Up 3D delta printer:

Sources (STL files for download)

Find the STL files here: thingiverse

Send me a message in case you would like to develope this printer and would need to get also the original files created in Fusion360.

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