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Sinuhed Mendel

Release status: working

Description Sinuhed reprap is bigger and more rigid printer.
License GPL
Author ZemcikO
Based-on Mendel
Categories Development, XZ-head
CAD Models , STEP
External Link none

Sinuhed Reprap 3D printer

The Sinuhed is a redesigned reprap printer. I'm working on it from last vacation, though currently, I'm still building one. Mechanical construction is done and working. Many parts are fully changed and substituted with more accurate ones. Twice the amount of plastic was used in the construction of the Sinuhed, as opposed to the construction of the Mendel. The Sinuhed is much bigger; it occupies half of my working table.


The Sinuhed features a bigger print area (270*270*210 mm), linear bearings, quenched parts, trapezoidal threads for the Z-axis, higher rigidity, better accuracy, and better driving parts.


<videoflash type="youtube">4YI4Eap9nR0</videoflash>

Reprap sinuhed printig geared wheel for plastruder (z=43 m=1,5mm). My hot-end (v2.5) is mounted.


heat table (original mendel is too small)


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