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Release status: Concept

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Low Cost, Post-Mendel Design
CAD Models
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With it's "Sells" Mendel and Prusa Mendel design RepRap collected a lot of knowledge. It's about time to put this experience onto a white sheet of paper and to do a new design from the ground up.

Another experience is with Generation 7 Electronics, which is designed to be as replicatable as possible and has slightly better specifications than other electronics. Still it wasn't widely accepted for this. The conclusion is, replicatability doesn't play a major role in the RepRap community and a new design should put more emphasis on low cost, than on printability.

Status: See to the right ==>>

It's so brand new, even the cover sheet is still virtual.

Cost Estimate

Group Cost
Electronics $100
Steppers $50
Wooden frame, wood screws $20
Drawer sliders or LM8UUs + rods $40
Belts, pulleys $30
Extruder $80
Miscellaneous $30
Total $350

As resolution, software, firmware and extruder is the same as that of a Mendel, there is no doubt this will print just as accurate as a Mendel.

That's it, for now. Let's fire up the CAD.