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SeeMeCNC sells 3D printer kits in various forms, Filaments, electronics and parts and supplies for DIY builders

SeeMeCNC started manufacturing CNC machines in the fall of 2011 with a goal of bringing our CNC machining and injection molding capabilities to the DIY/Open Source community.


PartDaddy on the left, Oly on the right

3D Printer Kits

Seemecnc_h1 based on the origional reprap Huxley. Build volume is apps. 160 x 160 x 160.

Olys seeme.jpg

Rostock_MAX based on Johann's original parallel delta Rostock


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EZStruder It's so Easy! Cold End drive

Rostock_MAX The Rostock Max, first production Delta printer kit

StevesExtruder The Steve's Extruder, used on the H1, H1.1 as well as the Rostock MAX kits, and on many other self-sourced repraps

Onyx The worlds first round PCB heated bed

Seemecnc_h1 The H1 (where we started...)

Company Links

SeeMeCNC Store