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SBASE v1.3

Release status: Working

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32bit board
uknown, there is no license on the github page and MKS stated it is not open source
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MKS-SBASE is a 32bit 3D Printer main board designed and manufactured by Makerbase (MKS).



  • 32bit LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3 CPU: 100MHz clock, 512 kB flash, 64kB RAM (newest revision uses LPC1769, which is identical but runs at 120MHz)
  • 5 soldered DRV8852 stepper drivers with a pre-instaled heatsink. Every driver has a header with STEP, ENABLE and DIR pins to make using external drivers possible.
  • On-board SD card reader
  • On-board Ethernet, remote controll through Smoothieware web interface
  • 24V compatable
  • Driver Vref set by digipots
  • 4 thermistor inputs
  • 4 PWM MOSFET channels (heated bed, two extruders, one fan by default) with a pre-installed heatsink
  • 6 endstop inputs, endstop voltage can be switched between 5V and 3.3V with a jumper
  • Thermocouple connector
  • Onboard ReprapDiscount connectors plus TFT touchscreen connector (supports LCD12864 and MKS TFT)
  • Unused GPIO header: 5 I/O pins plus ground pin
  • 6pin programming header


The SBASE can run Marlin 2.0 and Smoothieware. There is also an experimental port of Reprapfirmware in the forums. It should be noted that the Smoothieware community considers the board (and MKS in general) decremental to their mission and goals because the board is not open source and does not help the Smoothie project in any way. Because of that, SBASE users may find it difficult to get support for Smoothieware related issues.