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General Info

The sE1X was derived/inspired by the E1x(Creator: tjb1) which allowed you to build a Prusa i3 without having to source the laser cut parts bringing overall cost down. Including the use of the 300mm^2 Lulzbot heated bed build plate, it still needed to be resized/redesigned to allow you to reach the full 300mm in each axis by about 40mm. By simply rearranging the alignment of the X/Y axis extrusions so that X butted to Y where the original was the other way around, it gave you that extra 40mm needed to reach 300mm in X axis. Another change made by papabur was the positioning of the Z axis motors. After reading a article on 'Accuracy vs. Precision' explaining the pro's and con's of top mounted Z motors vs bottom. This design is continuously being improved upon and has a growing list of positive feedback.

The Fact's

- 300x300x250mm Print Volume allows for less restrictions and more room for larger objects or multiple items at once.
- No need for laser cut parts, allowing for easier modifications/hacking.
- Rock solid gantry system design by papabur, same person who helped in the Mendelmax and Aluminatus designs while employed at Trinitylabs LLC.
- Open X[1] and Open Y[2] carriage designs by papabur, set at 45 degree's allow for a more natural movement(vs. openbuilds 90 degree designs).
- AirTripper BSP extruder keeps the X carriage as light as possible, allowing for multiple hot-end mounts.
- New tool-head design will allow for the mounting of a Dremel head, among other cool options.
- The cost comes in at roughly $600.00 U.S. dollars for everything needed to D.I.Y., BoM can be found here: [3] Kits can be found here: [4]


  • 05/15/15: Mobious Robotics LLC. launches website offering first version of the sE1X.
  • 06/05/15: Scaling increase for entire machine to 300x300x250mm.
  • 07/21/15: New gantry support design created by papabur which utilizes 2 150mm 2020 extrusions with printed mounting brackets to attach from Y to Z extrusions.
  • 08/01/15: Complete overhaul of the sE1X gantry design done by papabur. Including the placement of the Z axis motors to the top of the Z axis, instead of the original bottom based design. This adjustment was made based off scientific fact made by Protoparadigm involving threaded rods as lead-screws in regards to tension vs compression. New parts created include X motor end, X idler end with idler built in, Z axis top motor mounts, and Z axis bottom mounts(all available on the GitHub page).
  • 08/15/15: Prototyping of new gantry design shown promising results and is now available as the standard for all the kits. Customers who bought kits before this will have the option to purchase upgrade kits. -09/02/15: Upgraded entire sE1X to all 10mm smooth rod for extra rigidity.
  • 10/08/15: Designed new Y axis heated bed mounted bearing brackets to allow for easier movement.
  • 03/28/2016: sE1X wiki is created, control boards are now in stock.

IRC Channel

You can find us on Freenode(IRC) channel #mobious.