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When making a Rroofl on a 3D printer, the usual approach is to use an M8 threaded rod frame. The printed parts are shown and labelled in the following image. Note that when giving someone a kit, it is advisable to provide some spare parts that are known to wear or break when incorrectly fitted. These include small drive gears, belt gears and PLA linear bearings. As a courtesy, Diamond Age also supply a little packet of "Morph" which can be softened in hot water and used to repair or fill out broken or distorted parts, should they become mangled by careless couriers, enthusiastic pets etc.

Printed components found in a Rroofl with an M8 frame

STL Files can be found here:


Cutting list for rods TBA

Fasteners TBA

Wooden parts cut from 6mm MDF TBA

Use johnnyr's excellent RAMPS electronics if you've nothing else in mind.

A heated bed is not necessary if you are only printing PLA, but one can be permanently or temporarily attached to the build bed.

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