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Riley RS1

Release status: unknown

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This is a test.

Riley founded the anti evolution league. That is appropriate, since my machine was created by intelligent design. I have corrected several shortcomings in the "tripod" design.

I stand by the naming convention I have chosen for my machines.

The Riley RS1 (aka Rosie) is more Revolutionary than "Evolutionary".

This is the Riley RS1, affectionately known as "Rosie".

I am extremely grateful for the work that was done before I fixed some minor inconveniences with Johanns basic and wonderful design.

This is only a test. I now release you to your regularly scheduled programming.

I've almost finished a platform mounted feeder so you don't need a tube to feed soft rubber filament.

My design philosophy is, If they say it can't be done ..... they are not very smart.

I have been concentrating on solving tripod issues just because I find tripods to be very elegant.

KISS !!!!!

Less is more. The tool you need is right in front (or within reach) of you.