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I've now managed to export the Subversion repository bits to their own repos on Github.

The following repository subtrees have now been exported:

The procedure I used is as follows:

  • Create a new directory to hold the new repo:
mkdir fw
cd fw
  • Clone the required subtree to a new git repository, ignoring metadata:
git svn clone --no-metadata

This will preserve all history, do no user remapping, and create a repository without svn metadata. All svn metadata will be converted to git metadata. The repository will now track the SVN repository.

  • Change into the new repository directory:
cd firmware
  • Verify that the revision history was imported:
git log
  • Create a new repository on Github
  • Set the new repository as the local repository's remote:
git remote add origin [email protected]:kliment/RepRapBathFirmware.git
  • Push the entire history to the remote:
git push -u origin master

To push new changes from the SVN to Github:

  • Enter the local repository dir
cd fw/firmware
  • Fetch new revisions from SVN:
git svn fetch
  • Push said revisions to Github as commits:
git push origin master