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Reprap 3d printer.
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Repemaker 3d printer


The repemaker is an experimental 3D printer from FFF system ( Fuse Filament Fabrication ) . The main characteristics search accuracy and compactness . What distinguishes the other printers Repemaker Reprap operation is where x and y axes themselves serving to slide in one direction serve both to transmit the movement to the opposite axis . The structure of wood ( MDF ) closed gives it great stability and easy transport and placement. Both the electronics , with the power supply are under the structure so that the printer occupies approximately the same volume of a laser multifunction . The linear rodamientsos are IGUS brand for X and Y which makes operating the printer emits just noise (unlike ball bearings using other printers) brings space for a couple of buttons on the front for commissioning and lighting (optional ) . Like all Reprap printers ( replicants ) parts can be done in just a printer ... so it is possible to " replicate " .



Dimensions approx 40 cm wide by 40 long and 45 high. Great compactness.
Ease of transport. Holding the printer by two side openings can be transported very easily .
Hot bed . It allows the use not only of PLA but also other materials that need a heat source to paste the first layers
Z Axis engine and 4 double smooth bars . It does not work like other printers cantilever sliding around in the Z axis X and Y axis smooth rod triple . The car is totally enclosed thus avoiding vibrations.
MDF wood structure . Affordable and high dimensional stability .
High stability and low vibration due
Electronic power supply and within the structure . All wires are left in the structure .
Bowden System , which allows higher speeds to move large masses not in the carriage.
High precision of movement.
Control Panel on the front (optional )
Double extruder (optional, two colors or a color and supports composite )
Very low noise bearings by IGUS
Ease of assembly structure with few parts and without calibration once assembled .

The printer its totally functinall now. You can view the instructions in Spanish in (we are working in the translation): Makealo

The movement is similar to the Ultimaker o Tantillus machine. Its very acurrate


Bill of Materials:
You can view the complete list in my web: Repemaker BOM The printer parts can be download from: and and