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Repsnapper printing a set of objects

RepSnapper is an alternative host software for controlling the RepRap open source 3D printer.

It is completely written in C++ and thus should be faster than all the scripted slicers out there. It has some unique features while others are still missing, and it has bugs.



For Windows there is a beta version installer here:, or here with limited functionality.

There is no recent release, so you should get the source from github: (for prerequisite packages see the Manual above)

git clone
cd repsnapper
[install:] sudo make install-strip

DO NOT download the very outdated latest binary version that works reliably with Windows (the Kulitorum version) at . For historians only.

Contact Info

Timothy Schmidt Version

Current development of Repsnapper is happening in Timothy Schmidt’s repository at the following URLs.

Kulitorum version

For historical reasons we leave here the links to the old svn version that developed by Kulitorum, this version is now unmaintained and commits go into the Timothy Schmidt version (as of ~ October 5th, 2010)