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This sandbox wiki page is a proposed replacement page for RepRap Options. It is a work in progress.

Mainstream Machines

The Mainstream Machines are the machines that people are currently printing the most copies of.

  • Prusa Mendel - This Mendel variant is cheaper to build and faster to print than the original Mendel, and is currently people's favorite machine to print and build.
  • Huxley - A travel-sized variation of Mendel, Huxely is smaller than Mendel and slightly less expensive. This machine is handy if you're looking for something to take to a board meeting, conference, and/or party.
  • Original Mendel - The original RepRap Version II design.

Alternative Machines


  • Orca - A new open source 3D printer derived from Mendel. Cheaper, easier & faster to build & quick to print, this novel machine incorporates lasercut parts along with its printed parts. We currently needs test pilots to buy, assemble, and run this experimental new machine so we can find out just how nice it really is.
  • Clonedel - This is a version of Mendel optimized to be made in rubber molds.
  • LaserCut Mendel - This is a popular Mendel variant done up out of lasercut plywood.

(These are ordered with the newest, most experimental machines listed first.)

Home Shop-Buildable

(Optimized for woodworking tools and the people that love them.)

Definition and Rationale

The Alternative Machines include machines which have been just designed, (and probably work great), or very reliable machines which have the sin of being mostly non-printed as opposed to being mostly printed. (Machine which are mostly non-printed are called RepStraps. Machines with a substantial fraction of printed parts are called RepRaps.) Some people buy or build a "RepStrap", because they want a bootstrap machine to print a RepRap. Other people just want a nice machine that works, even if it is slightly ideologically impure compared to a full-blooded RepRap.

For more details, check out the numerous variations of RepStraps to get a sense of the numinous complexity lurking just out of view. We've got lots of machines.

Please note that there are a number of RepStrap flavors and RepRap-inspired projects documented outside of the RepRap website which are not represented here in RepRap Options. These competing projects have been omitted for the sake of clarity and brevity but are thoughtfully (and systematically?) advertised elsewhere in the wiki and forum.

So Many Choices!

Q: Which Alternative Machine should I get? There's so many variations!
A: Galloping madly in all directions is part of the fun! Ask someone in irc or our friendly forums for help and they'll point you at the machine that's right for you.


These machines aren't as popular as more recent flavors of RepRap and RepStrap.

  • Darwin - The first RepRap Version I design, which is now legacy.