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RepRap Firmware (RRF) FAQ


Can I modify speed and extrusion coefficients and temperatures during a print? Yes


Can I reconfigure my printer ‘on the fly’? Yes

Yes, there is an interactive console, you may even modify parameters during a print, at your own risks

Can I print from SD card? Yes

Yes, and this is what is done by most users, as Ethernet file transfer is very fast. Lost connection from the PC don’t stop the print, but you lost control if you don’t have a local panel or another controller (which may be a smartphone if you have WiFi on your network).

Can I run RRF with an USB front-end like Pronterface or Repetier-host? Yes

Yes, but you shall configure your front-end program for USB hardwired handshaking

Can I create my own macros? Yes


Can I control the printer through WiFi devices? Yes

Yes, with any web browser if you have a WiFi connection on your Network or set-up a low cost WiFi bridge on the printer

Do I need to recompile firmware for configuration? No

No, new issues of firmware are always delivered pre-compiled. Configuration by text files.

Can I use standard printer LCD panel? No

No, only PanelDue work with RRF firmware

Is there an automatic calibration for Cartesian printer? Yes

Yes, but it is different from the delta calibration and is limited to five probe points

Does web interface work on Duet if the board is only powered by USB? Yes

Yes, but if you have accessories connected on the 5V like the PanelDue, the 5V consumption shall not exceed your USB port capability. This power supply method is recommended during commissioning as first power on. The Ethernet cable shall be installed and network configured.

Can I use external 5V power supply instead of the on-board supply? Yes

Yes, there are selectors on board

Can I install a filament presence sensor? Yes

Yes, based on simple switch (no filament movement detection yet)

Do I need an USB connection for firmware update? No

No, except for the first firmware update (first step of commissioning), as boards are delivered with old firmware

Can I run a Chamber heater from the Extruder heater output? Yes

Yes, using a relay (SSR)

If I have a problem with a driver, can I install an external driver? Yes

Yes, if you have no expansion board, as drivers can be remapped on the expansion connector. Note: Buy good stepper cables to avoid risks of disconnection while powered, which is the main way to burn a driver.

Duet board pins list with functions? Yes


Can I use fans with other voltage than main board voltage? Yes

Yes, See the schematic here: Duet_Wiring#5V_controlled_fan

Can I run a mixing hotend like the diamond? Yes

Yes, see this forum thread and result

Can I run a laser cutter with RRF? Yes

Yes, see these threads 123

Can I use an RC servos for automation ? No


Can I use absolute extruder coordinate? Yes

Yes, but this is not recommended

Can I use inductive or capacitive calibration sensor? Yes

Yes, but you shall add some components to protect your inputs from over-voltage. Never exceed 3.3V on input pins, at risk of board destruction.

Are the input pins capable to handle 5 Volt? No

NO. 5V on input pins may kill the board. Caution shall be used.

Is there auto-calibration for heat loop PID? Not yet

Not yet, but it is planned

Shall I have forced cooling on the board? It depends

It depends mostly of the current of your steppers. Natural cooling is sufficient for steppers at 1A, but board shall be installed to allow easy air flow (best is vertical position)

Can I have a printer without end-stops sensors? Yes

Yes, as digital potentiometers allow current reduction via G-code and you can stall steppers on mechanical stops. However, this is not very precise and for Z axis this need to be coupled with automatic calibration.

What kind of end-stops do I need?

Dry switches or powered sensors, provided they work in 3.3V. Pin order is different from Ramps, with center pin in 3.3V

Can I add more extruders? Yes

Yes For the Duet 0.6 and 0.8.5 there is 4 extruders board expansion from original designer (T3P3), simple 4 extruders extension from independent supplier and some stock of 2 extruders shields from RepRapPro.

Is there software movement limit? Yes

Yes. You can define maximum travel where head will not be allowed to go. This volume will be a cylinder for a delta printer and a cube for others.

Is it possible to install two separated end-stops on each axis? No

No, and it is not needed, the printer knowing its own dimensions. Though dry switches can be installed in series.

Can RRF run a SCARA printer? No


Can RRF run a rotary delta (Clavel type) like the Firepick? No


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