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Release status: concept

Reprap family tree v0.1.png
Project for an illustration of the evolution/variations of the reprap project and the others machines inspired
CAD Models
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The project

What ?

A friend (Arthur S.) and I had thought to make a sort of "family tree" showing the development and variations of the reprap project (and it's inspired cousins).

Thanks to the efforts of Spiritdude we're now trying to make a useful database that could be visualized by other tools/methods, I added a google-form on top of it to allow public participation at filling it :)

How can you help?

Fill the database by using this google form !

Join the discussion on the following thread : reprap family tree (don't hesitate to mention a missing project, or if you think there is a mistake somewhere, or to improve the database, the criterias, etc.)

You are also welcome to flattr this, buy a poster, or just share it everywhere :)

RepRap Family Tree - Timeline 2006-2012 (update in progress, slowly but surely)

The latest attempt to visualize the evolution of the reprap and some others low-cost or DIY printers (estimation : 400+ projects).

RFT timeline2006-2012.png

As one can presume, since the Mendel projects are flourishing :)


You can see the growing database here.

2006 ShowCase (Da Witch/Zaphod, RepStrap, Tommelise, A.R.N.I.E.), Fab@home (27oct). 10CarBest (13jul).

2007 CandyFab 4000 (aug2006-may2007), Darwin (07jul), 3dhomemade J.Veloso (start somewhere in 2007) Fab@home Model 1.2, Fabaroni (fall), RapMan, CandyFab 5000, VDX's deltapod (nov) McWire_Cartesian_Bot_1_2 (06dec).

2008 PonokoRepRap (22feb), CandyFab 6000, Lego_RepStrap (08oct), Fab@Home Model 2, FTIStrap (21oct).

2009 Makerbot cupcake (17apr), Builders/JunkStrap (28may) Foamcore cnc (may), Mendel (), MegaMendel (07jul), Mendel_Apollo (17sep), Rapman-Pro (26oct), Eiffel (06nov), Metal_Mendel (09nov) MIT's Multifab (nov)

2010 RepOlaRap (08jan), Delta (10jan), T-Rep (15jan), Mini-mendel (09feb), Mendel_Variations/Catalyst (21feb), Contraptor (22feb), WolfStrap (3mar), Isaac (27march), Cupcakestrap cupcake (01apr), MultiRep (08apr), LaserCut_Mendel (10apr), Bonsai_RepStrap (14apr), Shapercube (apr), Le Big Rep (18may), Bfb3000 (24may), Foton_3Dprinter (19jun), Up!3dprinter (21jun), Francisco (05jul), Columbus (04aug), Prusa (20aug), MetalicaRap (26aug), Huxley (30aug), TRap (02sep), Big_Mendel (05sep), Huxley_Seedling (10sep), Kiwi-M5_Mendel_Battle_Tank (sep), Makerbot Thing-O-Matic (25sep), Mantis_9.1 (15oct), Kludgebot (22oct), Helium_Frog_Delta_Robot (26oct), FabPod (08nov), Doboz (10nov), Integrated_Parametric_RepRap (26nov), Ultimaker (29nov), Makergear Prusa (nov-dec), Rusty-Huxley (or Prusa-Huxley) (01dec), Gunstrap (12dec), TechZoneHuxley (25dec), Malthus (26dec), Rap@Home (29dec).

2011 Shapercube 2.0 (?), EMAKER_Huxley (17jan), Mixtape_mendel (31jan), MendeLego (31jan?), Yazzo PolyBot Cranberry (01feb), A5_Powder_bed_printer (15feb), Clonedel (15feb), Mendel v2 camiel's redesign (feb), Reprap 1X2 (22feb), Tilt printer (25feb), Sumpod_3D (07mar) IKBot (09mar), AdderFab (15mar), Huxley MD (19mar), IceBot (25mar), 1X2_Tallcat (28mar), Yazzo Polybot derivative (03apr), MiniMaker (08apr), Type A Printer MK1 (10apr), Orca (21apr), SNYGRO/ChemShapes (apr-may2011) 1X2_Shortcat (30apr), Betzbot (06may), Gen_X (20may), RobunDel (22may), Kinirap (23may), Bfb3000 Plus (24may), SUPER! Cupcake (24may), TechZone_InfoHub#TZ_Mondo (26may), Test_Tube_Mendel (02jun), Vik's mendel (03jun), Makergear Mosaic (04jun) Snapdragon (05jun), Adrians_Prusa_Notes (11jun), Yazzo Polybot Raspberry (14jun), K'nexStrap (16jun), Solar Sinter (21jun), Bigfoot (27jun), Mini_prusa (27jun), Cartesio (01jul), Repstrap Jibaro (09jul), The Future Is 3D 12x12" (9jul), Cube Vector (12jul), Super! Cupcake mk3 (12jul), Huxley-eg (17jul), SugarSnap (20jul), Deadalus 3D (25jul), Cube (27jul), Nophead's design (aug?), Kliment's Prusa12 (12mm rod Big Prusa) (04aug), 3dlpPrint (aug), VertX (14aug), Open Hybrid Mendel (Ohm) (23aug), Yarr (aug?), GRRF Protos (03sept), Printrbot (04sep), Large Ultimaker (09sept), JerryFord (10sep), Action68's_vertical_x_axis_reprap (13sep), Solidoodle (15sep), Pepstrap (16sept), Orca v0.30 (17sep), Fablicator (17sep), Bfb 3d Touch or "bfb 4000" (27sept), Prusa_Aire (02oct), Vlad_Tepes (5oct), MendelMax (07oct), LongboatPrusa (22oct), MakeNub Builder (26oct), The Future Is 3D 16x16" (28oct), SLS_wax_printer (28oct), Galileo (31oct), Felix 1.0 (oct/nov?) RepRapPro_Huxley eMaker 2 (oct/nov), Artimachine's reprap (nov) Tom-Boy (02nov), a metal prusa (08nov), Prusa IT2 (11nov), H-Bot Pro (16nov) Ronthomp Mendel (20nov), SeeMeCNC (20nov), FoldaRap (21nov), Rapman 3.2 (24nov), Rook (29nov), Fabbster (29nov), LulzBot (29nov), Buildatron 2 (nov), Formlabs (nov?) Sharebot (02dec), Wallace firstly named (02dec), Printrbot+ (09dec), Richard68's DLP printer (14dec), Prism (15dec) Portable collapsible reprap (15dec) Part-Y (16dec), Prusa Air 2 (16dec), Ronthomp Mendel v3 (16dec), Sloth Mendel (18dec), Mendel90 (25dec), Darwin 2.0 (25dec) Lemon_Curry (29dec), Helium frog HF05 (29dec), Kamermaker (dec?), Miicraft (dec).

2012 Cartesio v04 (01jan), Deltafab (02jan), Blddk's X2 (02jan), Doombot (04jan), Cube (3D-System) (05jan), Makerbot Replicator (07jan), Helium Frog HF06 SCARA (07jan), Pinaise's Prusa (08jan), Alu RepRap (08jan), Imagine 3D Printer (14jan), DurbiePrusaMendel (15jan), Makibot (15jan), Aluminium Mendel (16jan), ORD bot (19jan), iRapid (22jan), Simplified_Ball_Bearing_Mendel (30jan), EZ 3d Printer 200 (jan), RepRap Plus-sa (01feb), Rostock (07feb), Splotbot (ask splotbot on irc) (08feb), Tantillus (09feb), Hadron (14fev), Makergear-Vortex (17feb), RepRap_Morgan (20feb), Watson (24feb), Minimax (29feb), [1] (02mar), Cartesio V0.5 (04mar), MMaxislider (05mar), Hugo (10mar), Monsterap (mar), ABSPrusa (14mar), Heavy_Mendel (18mar), Maxifab_3d_Printing_Framework (21mar), Pocket Printer (24mar), MSB 3Dprinter (29mar), AluXL printer (31mar), Replex3D (07apr), Printkbot (14apr),

Form-1 (26sep),

Next revision : 4.1

(post-it reminder for future modifications)

Machine +link (date / status / kind of head-bed arrangement (XY-Z, XZ-Y or Z-XY, etc.)

  • Build-a-tron 1 (2011?)

  • A1 Maxit (07feb/working-commercial/prusa)




Now on github too :

4.0 SVG vector version .svg(save as) --Emmanuel
4.0 PDF Printable vector version .pdf(save as) --Emmanuel
4.0 PNG web/screen resolution .png(save as) --Emmanuel
4.0 ZIP Thingiverse mirror thing:9088 --Emmanuel

Download and print-it-yourself. Or buy a poster at Zazzle if you prefer (I ordered one to see and the quality is good).

If you want to support me, you can also use flattr

The picture of the Prusa was made with the sketchup model found here

Old versions: v2.13x, print version, v2.9, print version, v3xL (wip) same as v2x but in a landscape format to give more room for the futur icons, v2.5 extended portrait, v2.2P

Reprap Family Tree v0.7 : You can see/edit the first diagram at (just take care of course) It was useful to start the organization.

Related Links


BackgroundPage (Wealth Without Money/Darwinian Marxism)

After Darwin Should Mendel be a specific 3D printer or a technology toolbox (16-01-2009)

An interesting post by Forrest Higgs, when looking at the evolution model of the reprap.

Basically, Reprap has two models of evolution going on in parallel.
In the core team, we see what I will call a punctuated animal model of evolution while the larger reprap community is a very vibrant bacterial model.


External Links

Nice mentions of the RFT :)

  1. Blog Makezine
  2. Fabbaloo
  3. Practical 3D Printers Science Printing (page 2)
  4. The RepRap project: an open source/open hardware movement for 3D-printing

Forks and other cool things

Add ideas, and discuss ways to help make this family tree interactive and more usefull on: Interactive RepRap Family Tree

Toward a RepRap Philogeny

Finally I was just trying to do the same thing as they did for the , and thus it may be easier/better to make the same if I explain the logic I was trying to apply :

Life > Domain > Kingdom > Phylum > Class > Order > Family > Genus > Species

Intended or original technology (sls, fdm, etc.) > Mechanical arrangement (XZ head and Y bed, or XY head and Z bed, etc) > Size (mendel, huxley) > Material Variation (threaded rod, aluminium extrusion, etc.) > Little Variation (commercial kits like the GRRF Protoss are based on the basic Prusa mendel with just minor changes)

(not sure of the hierarchy)

But keep in mind that even if ideas are like livings things, sometimes they pop from nowhere (or have so many ancestors that it's non-representable :)

RFT itol try.svg

RFT Pearltree-try.jpg

Other Trees

It may be nice to map other components of the machines like the RFT.

Firmware References

(something very old), FiveD, Teacup, Sprinter (+emaker sprinter), Marlin (+non-gen6 marlin)

Electronics References

Gen3, Gen4, Gen6, Gen7, R2C2, RAMPS, Sanguinololu, Teensylu, Melzi (03nov) CN Controls V0.1, Hall-Θ,


many pinch-wheels (see the robotica article), screw drive, pinch-wheel, adrian geared extruder, wade, MK1,2,3,4,5,6,7; brutstruder, greg-wade, Up!, eMaker, VertX, bird-struder, Viks'struder,