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RepRap Specifications

These figures are very, very preliminary.

Cabinet Dimensions

Height 50 cm
Width 50 cm
Depth 50 cm
Weight 10 kg

This figures include the Environmental Cabinet. The Environmental Cabinet moderates the temperature of the extruded object, and prevents foreign matter such as dust and cat hair, from contaminating the feedstock filament and nozzle. It could be as simple as a carboard box with filter and fan attached.

Build Volume

Height (Z) 30 cm
Width (X) 30 cm
Depth (Y) 30 cm

Nozzle Characteristics

Extruded Filament Thickness 0.5 mm
Nozzle Spatial Precision 0.1mm
Deposition rate (fine) 10 cm^3/hr
Deposition rate (bulk) 40 cm^3/hr

Our current deposition rate is about 7cm^3/hr, but we will improve it.

Positioning Apparatus Characteristics


For definitions of the above see:

Maximum Head Weight  ?

The reprap will take interchangable heads, such as the PolymorphExtrusionHead, the SlurryDepostionHead, or (currently hypothetical) items such as the EDMHead, LaserScanningHead, PaperCuttingHead, or PenPlottingHead. We do not think the motors or linear stages of the device will have the strength or rigidity to support a RotaryToolMillingHead.

Thermoplastic Characteristics

Filament Feedstock Thickness 3 mm
Density  ?
Shore Hardness A 94
Shore Hardness B 50
Yield Stress 16 MPa

Note: This data describes the characteristics of a solid block of material. An extruded object is a mass of self-adhered filament, and may have voids, and may be more flexible or sheer more easily, in the same way that a coiled mass of wire is different from an ingot of metal.

Replication Rate

Thermoplastic Parts Weight 5 kg
Thermoplastic Parts Volume  ?
Replication Time Volume /depostion rate

We have not yet achieved self-replication.


Thermoplastic Cartridge Weight, Full 5.5 kg
Thermoplastic Cartridge Weight, Empty 0.5 kg

Environmental Requirements

Minimum/Maximum Operating Temperature  ?  ?
Minimum/Maximum Humidity  ?
Minimum/Maximum Air Pressure  ? Sea Level

We have not run into environmental limitations or requirements at this time - if we receive reports of units failing at high altitudes or extreme temperatures, we will update this information. Currently, we assume if your computer is running, the RepRap will as well.

Power Requirements

The RepRap uses single rail 12V. 1 standard 200W+ ATX Computer Power Supply should suffice.

Computer Hardware Requirements

USB 1.0 Port

Computer Software Requirements

Java Version 1.4

To install java, go to and download it or follow your operating-system specific instructions for installing it, as according to the documentation that came with your machine. See InstallingJava.

The RepRap software DriverSoftware is java-based, and will run on any modern personal computer. See DriverSoftware for driver installation instructions. -- Main.SebastienBailard - 13 Aug 2006