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This page describes something which is no longer the most recent version. For the replacement version see: List_of_Firmware


An overview over available firmware is available in List_of_Firmware SarahMiller 19:12, 13 November 2011 (UTC)

RepRap Firmware


Each set of electronics for RepRap contains some sort of microcontroller (uC). Each uC is a miniature computer which needs its own software in order to do useful things. The term for the type of software that runs on a microcontroller is 'firmware'. The reason is that ideally, the software doesn't change very often as it is fairly simple and the code should be very robust. Uploading this software to the chip is called 'burning' or 'programming' the microcontroller.

Due to the physical and electronic setup of each generation of electronics, new firmware generally must be written for each set. The various firmwares for each are discussed below.

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Generation 3 Firmware

This is the firmware for the third generation electronics based on the Sanguino. You can read more on the third gen documentation page. It is currently a work-in-progress.

Generation 2 Firmware

This is the firmware for the second generation electronics based on the Arduino / Sanguino. Read more on the second gen documentation page.

Generation 1 Firmware

This is the firmware for the first generation electronics based on the PIC16F648. Read more on the first gen firmware documentation page.

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