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Adrian Bowyer came up with the name RepRap, and Ed Sells came up with the logo. The teardrop shape is the profile of a cylinder with 45o angles above. Our commercial FDM machine can make a 45o overhang without support material, so - if you want a horizontal hole to put a cylinder through - the teardrop profile gets made without support. This is both faster and neater. And for the vast majority of cases it doesn't matter that it is not completely round.

The teardrop is also an important example of the fact that, with this technology, complexity of shape costs nothing.

This is the simple logo in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. Ideal for printing on large surfaces (posters, megazines etc.)

Reprap logo simple.svg

Reprap logo.svg

For mottos, see mottos.


These logos were created by screen-matching the existing raster logo used on the wiki. The color has also been harmonized across the different logo types. The font used is DejaVu Sans Bold.

Image Preview AI AI transparent EPS EPS w/text as curves EPS transparent SVG SVG w/text as curves SVG transparent
RepRap Logo Badge.png Download AI Download AI Download EPS Download EPS Download EPS Download SVG Download SVG Download SVG
RepRap Logo.png Download AI Download EPS Download EPS Download SVG Download SVG
RepRap Teardrop.png Download AI Download EPS Download SVG