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Release status: Working

MKS 2004LCD1.jpg
MKS 2004LCD optimized version
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2004LCD 1.jpg


1.Adopt SD card with enhanced driver circuit, enhance the anti-jamming capability on SD card literacy.

2.Add one electrolytic capacitors, effectively improve the power stability and reduce the probability of "Huaping".

3.In addition to its own contrast adjustment potentiometer, it adds backlight adjustment potentiometer either .

4.Knob to increase effect of LED blue light .


1. Big 2004LCD screen, 20 characters per line, 4 lines.

2. Integrate SD card slot on back ,choose correspond file on LCD and print after put slice files into SD card.

3. This product comes with an encoder, so that you can adjust the parameters, operate file selection, and print .

4. MKS SBASE can plug and play.

5. Can insert SD card and support off-line printing, but need modifying firmware to support .

This is the official Wiki products, which can be adjusted the contrast ratio, but the fixed background light can not . Replacing the resistance of control board rear, can brighten the display . wiki resistance is 1K, the screen will be brighter, if it replaces 500 or 0 Euro . The red arrow is the resistance replacement position.

MKS 2004LCD4.jpg


This smart controller includes an SD card reader, a rotary encoder and one LCD display  with 20 characters × 4-line. You can easily 
connect it to your RAMPS 1.4 boards and use "smart adapters" included.
After this board  connects to RAMPS 1.4, SD card smartcontroller can supplies  power without computer .
More  operations ,such as calibration, the axis movement can only use a rotary encoder smartcontroller. You can use the SD card
that has been stored G-code to design blueprint, so that it is no need to design by  computer.
MKS SBASE can  plug and play, but need modifying firmware to support .
Marlin, for example, cancel the  annotation of the two-line, then  compile and download to the board ,then can be used directly .
Search in file “Configuration.h”
Cancel the two front slashes, as follows :
Then you can use after compile and download again.

MKS 2004LCD5.jpg


If the interference gets stronger when enhance the anti-jamming capability on SD card literacy , Please use interference board .

MKS 2004LCD2.jpg MKS 2004LCD3.jpg

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