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The redaction of this article is in progress thanks for your patience !

It will soon be describing the Lasercut plexyglass (PMMA/acrylic) RepRap "RePlex"

Design by Olivier Grossat & Eolipyle Association

We started presenting the RePlex 3D Printer projet in "Carrefour des Possibles" in Centre 104 in Juin 2012. RePlex has also been used in ESA, Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture during 2 school years in order to initiate students to the rapid prototyping methods. One RePlex has been reproduced by ESA's students.

Within Eolipyle Association, we have been testing with several materials, but the acrylics the most designed, laser cut-able & also solid one. The current RePlex is designed & realized in PMMA, because we do believe that PMMA 3D Reprap is a great choice for following reasons :

- The pieces are lasercut rapidly

- Quick & easy assembly, each part can be easily replaced in case of breakage

- No use of toothed belt

- The innovative double rack system (x, y) prevents the space between the rack and the toothed wheel

Still we recommend verifying the Lasercut laser beam perfect verticality on a small test (cutting a square, watch the edges must be perfectly vertical): if not the parts may not fit together.

-Q Why not Polycarbonate (PC) instead of PMMA ? (Yeeazzz : Bullet proof 3D Printer !)
-A Despite the fact I wouldn't like to be shot, with or without a printer in my arms, it was a very common problem of price

Also for some reason the LaserCut we had access to didn't supported Polycarbonate cutting, please send us some news if you tried it !

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