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The Thames Valley E-Modules


Previous meetings and conversations have led us from a monolithic design to a modular design. The electronics focuses around 2 modules a control module (the brains) we named Seguino and the dual stepper modules (we need 2) the brawn. Each stepper module can drive 2 steppers and 2 powered PWM (Pulse Width Modulators) loads like heaters for extruder and heated-bed. Thus a basic solution would consist of 1 Seguino boards connected to 2 Dual Stepper boards.

The Seguino board also features a 7-segment display for showing temperature and possibly diagnostic information, along with a rotary encoder which enables manual setting (or real-time tweaking) of the temperature.

Electronics Build Group

The electronics for the TVRRUG machine are being specially designed. The PCB design has been completed and sample boards are being produced. The schematics and layouts are available at SolderPad and are being managed by Al Wood ( @folknology)

The most recent discussions around the design of the electronics are recorded in the GoogleGroup.

A recent meeting was held 2011-10-20 at Pinewood - see meeting record.

Video Previews


@folknology gave a tour of the electronics at an IRC meeting on 04/10/11, the minutes of which are on the google group.

Since then the design has been modified, which has also been discussed on the google group.