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Arbitrarily: 7pm Tuesday every other week, starting with the second Tuesday in January. (edit this)

Nearby Robot Hobby Clubs

  • local First Robotics Competition
  • local RoboOne and Robot hobby group.

Keyword searches to help you find Geek Groups Meetups

(keywords: your town, artist-run center, artbot, barcamp, dorkbot, experimental media, ham radio, linux, arduino, blender, circuit bending, RC aircraft, rocketry, cnc, etc.) This will require a few google searches, where you enter your town and one of the keywords above into the following string: "Your Town" keyword (meetup OR meeting OR group OR club OR society OR workshop OR hobby) [] []

  • Local/Nearest FabLab or Techshop,

  • Community College with a Machine Shop that people can use?
  • CNC Group Meetups on or otherwise


Official RepRap Suppliers

Local Suppliers

Local Shops may be better or worse than buying from online retailers. This depends on your local shops and what you're getting. Stepper motors you'll want to get online, steel rod - perhaps not. Fasteners, it depends. You may want to check your yellow pages to look these up, as opposed to online.

  • Local Material Suppliers
    • Austin Plastics - 2415 Kramer - Good selection of acrylic, plexiglas, HDPE. Will rough cut to order and can do some custom jobs
  • Local Bearing Suppliers (Skateboard Shop)
  • Local Fastener Suppliers
    • Austin Bolt Company - 2001 Rutland Dr., just east of Metric - great selection of imperial and metric screws, bolts, & washers. Will sell in qty. 1 for reasonable prices.
  • Local Electronics Suppliers
    • Altex Electronics - - 35 north of Rundberg - mostly commercial networking supply, but also good for connectors, wire, soldering tools, basic components
    • Fry's Electronics - - Mopac & Parmer - Good for soldering tools, wire, fans, PC PSUs, the occasional electronic component
  • Local Machine Tool/Industrial Supply, (Occasionally unwelcome to hobbyists, but who knows?)
    • Harbor Freight - - located near Fry's at Mopac & Parmer or south at Lamar & Ben White - Great selection of cheap (quality, price) tools for wood & metal work.
  • Local Electronics Surplus Shop
    • Goodwill Computerworks - - 35 & 183 across the drive from Wal-Mart - Lots of used modern and vintage computer and networking hardware. Cheap used PC and laptop PSUs, cables for interconnect and cannibalizing wire, also has a mini museum of historical hardware (Cray, DG, DEC, NeXT, old Apples, etc)
    • MC Howard Electronics - May they rest in peace

You may want to check:

Disclaimer: We should have called the RUGs RepRap Developer Groups in honor of the fact that

  1. Everyone is a developer.
  2. People keep stuffing neat new machines into the RUG forums, rather than into the wiki. (Arrrggh!)

If you are reading this, you're a reprap developer, not a "user". Please join reprap-dev, our technical but friendly and friendly but technical mailing list. Thank you. --Sebastien Bailard 06:55, 21 April 2011 (UTC)