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3D Printing Software workflow Download the pdf version




Slicing software which takes a 3D model and converts it into a gcode toolpath. More about Slic3r. Calibration questions? This software can also be used for dual extruder printers.


Skeinforge is a collection of python scripts that is used to generate Gcode for the printers. Custom plugins can be added to Skeinforge to allow more functionality. To learn more see Installing Skeinforge Plugins. It is no longer being updated.

G-code senders


Pronterface is G-code sending tool used to communicate with the printer and send commands and toolpaths.

More details can be found here. A ready-to-use build can be found here.


Repetier is a combination slicer and gcode sender. This link goes to the webpage anyone can download repetier from. More information can be found here.


Repsnapper Zero is a combination slicer and gcode sender. For more information on how to use RepSnapper, there is a basic tutorial up on the official Penn State RepRap YouTube channel that you should check out.


This page is for documentation of all projects, issues, and fixes regarding the design and modeling portion of RepRap.


How to upload .stl files into SolidWorks.

1. Save .stl file on computer

2. In SolidWorks click on Open File

3. Click on 'Options' button

4. Select to import as Solid Body

5. Choose correct Units

6. Check to Import texture information

7. Click on Okay and Open

You have successfully opened a .stl file into SolidWorks.


OpenSCAD is used for parametric modelling. It can be downloaded here. The benefit of OpenSCAD is the ability to define a part based on variable parameters which can be changed or adapted based on different needs or even user preference.

A good set of instructions can be found here along with some sample code.


Blender is open source modelling and animation software. It can import and export STL files and works directly with the mesh structure of objects.

Miscellaneous Downloads

File:EMFApr29profiles.rar Skeinforge Profiles
File:EMFApr29alterations.rar Skeinforge Alterations
File:Fix.rar AWK Script for fixing Skeinforge
File:EMFapr29awk.rar Happy Valley AWK Directory
File:FirmwareforOneWireAD heatbed brnrd documented here
File:Emf Bestextruder4 07.rar A copy of the extruder code we have been using with max endstops enabled.
File:Psu Bestmobocode2 24 2011.rar TZ Gen3 Mobo code altered for our machines
File:Extruder class jpj12 2011-04-07 temp fix.pde Modified version of Bestextruder4_07 with brnrd's fix for temp overflow bug. DOES NOT WORK
File:SC Skeinforge Mar24.rar Skeinforge Settings as of March 24


Useful Items Links to useful Thingiverse things.
Demo Models Complex models that can be used for conventions (or test your mad printing skillz).
Hybrid Parts OHM Parts List & STL Links
Pen Plotter Pen Plotter Info
Spool Arm Spool Arm Info
Dual Extruder Dual Extruder Info
Z Opto Holder New Z Opto Holder
File:TEDxCard1.stl Larger TEDx Logo STL file
File:TEDxCard2.stl 75% smaller TEDx Logo STL file Everything about Mendel include electronics, firmware, solid-models and so on.