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Color: Green
Extruder: ?
Temperature: ?

This page is for information about the PSU Unit Green. This unit is of the Mendel/Prusa hybrid variety. All of the printed parts were printed in PLA by other units in our group.

Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Temperature Comments
Green Not Working Ohm Monotronics ??? 202C Mount new Z-Axis gear on further filed motor shaft

PSU Unit Green - Current Condition


  • Electronics
  • Extruder
    • Greg's accessible extruder with techzone extruder tip and thermocouple.

Works in Progress


Most likely to least likely:

  • Extruder
    • Stuttering:
      • 4-pin connector on the board needs reseated (unplug, replug).
    • Not Extruding:
        • Idler tension too tight (digs hole in PLA) or too lose.
    • Uneven Extrusion:
      • Gears not making proper contact. There is currently a black plate between the extruder motor and chassis in order to keep the gears flush.
      • Idler not doing it's job.
    • Cold Extrusion Prevented:
      • If this occurs before a print, you can warm the tip manually with your hand until it reaches a temperature where it will set temp. You can fix this forever by reflashing the min temp for extrusion in the firmware.
  • Chassis
    • Prints not filling properly and/or skewed lines in XY:
      • Gears on X/Y motors have come loose, and need reseated and tightened on the flush part of the motor shaft.
      • Belts are too lose.
      • Gears on the motors are bad and the belts are slipping on them.
    • Prints are lopsided:
      • Bed is uneven. The bed is very finnicky and does not always sit perfectly flat on the rails, raising in one corner (usually back left). Secure the bed.
    • First layer not smashed enough:
      • Z-axis home is not close enough to the bed. This can be adjusted during the print by twisting the Z-rods but home position should be adjusted.
      • The settings in slicer are not using a 120% fill for the first layer (as opposed to 100% for normal layers).


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