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Current (Techzone)

We are currently using the standard Techzone Monotronics firmware from here:

Our configuration changes are as follows:

Replace these lines:

#define Z_STEPS_PER_MM   805.030

With these:

#define Z_STEPS_PER_MM   320.000 //805.030

Experimental (Sprinter)

We have been working on trying to port the Techzone tip manager control from the Techzone firmware into Sprinter.

I have produced a version which compiles and partially functions, but it extrudes too quickly. We also noticed some skew from layer to layer which may or may not have been caused by the firmware change.

I started with the base Sprinter firmware (from a git clone on 2011-11-08; commit b7cf9b4ea3bd47bc9911dd56450c40c68117538e).

I've made modifications to: Configuration.h, pins.h, Sprinter.h, Sprinter.pde

axis_steps_per_unit in Configuration.h is probably incorrect. In particular, extrusion is faster than it should be.

If this code is ever merged into native Sprinter, it would probably be worth defining a new motherboard type so that Monotronics can still be used as described at Sprinter_on_gen3.