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RepRap Developer Groups in Oklahoma:

  • Davenport (halfway between Tulsa and OKC)350682 East Hwy. 66 Davenport Ok, 74026 is the location of GeeksOk, LLC, Built their first repstrap in November of 2009. It may have been one of the first in Oklahoma.

Some of the projects Oklahoma RepRap developers are working on:

  • building more RepRaps
  • a more portable RepRap (smaller, lighter, hopefully cheaper) -- a variant of the SAE Mendel using lighter, cheaper 1/4" threaded rod and 1/4" nuts -- rather than 5/16" threaded rod of SAE Mendel, rather than the 8 mm threaded rod of the original Mendel).
  • Using a small Android tablet mounted directly on the RepRap at the "host" end of the USB cable connected to the Arduino. (Does this meet the "print autonomously without a PC attached" requirement of the Gada Prize?)
  • a RepRap-printable case for a wearable EKG recorder with more or less all the functionality of the one developed by wikipedia: Norman J. Holter, except smaller, lighter, (hopefully) more comfortable, longer run times, etc.
  • ... etc.

Localization of RepRap

What sorts of tweaks can we make to various RepRap designs to allow the use of various localized materials?

What local sources are available for RepRap parts -- places that sell either exactly the parts called for on the original plans, or better/stronger/cheaper parts that can be functionally substituted?

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