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Local suppliers

Please list NJ suppliers of any and all Reprap parts. It's great that there is so much international good-will within this community, but it's a hard economy and we should try to buy locally when we can. This will also save us all lots of money and time in shipping.

We should stay with metric because it's just a hell of a lot easier to use.

  • There is a McMaster-Carr store down by Trenton, according to google maps. I'm not sure if it's a retail location of just somewhere to pick up orders. If you live down there, check it out and post your experience here. The McMaster Carr location is just off of route 539 a bit North of Allentown. They don't have a retail store front there, but they do have a will-call desk. You can place your orders via internet or phone and then drive over to pick it up 10 minutes later. Very convenient.
  • Metric ground rods and studding
  • Metric nuts and bolts
  • Is there any better place to buy bearing other than
  • RP parts
  • electronics and motors
  • down in Southern NJ supplies tracks, wheels, and bearings for linear systems built on top of aluminum extrusions. I am using this as the basis for my delta under construction (jbernardis)

We will need a logo if we ever go to a Maker Faire or similar. A logo would also be useful to direct members to a meeting location (i.e. printed out and posted on the door of a multi-purpose room)

Something like this.

Group Projects

Sells Mendel upgrades

--Buback 16:04, 7 July 2011 (UTC)

The Prusa fork is where all the current development is happening, but if you already have a Sells Mendel, here are some improved parts I've designed.

  • OpenX lighter, simpler X carriage
  • OpenY Y axis using same concepts ad the OpenX, no Squashed frog.

Currently, these parts are drop in replacements for a standard Sells Mendel

Please feel free to test these parts out and offer your criticism.


Wiki Cleanup

it's not flashy, but until there is a group brainstorming session, you can do your part by cleaning up the reprap wiki.

Reprap Outreach

Tell your friends and family, and when they get sick of you and your stupid machine, find somebody else to tell.

  • tell your college about reprap, especially engineering dept heads. Having some more grad students working on reprap would help advance the project in leaps and bounds.
  • see if your local highschool has any technical classes, like architecture/3d modeling, Metal/woodworking classes, etc. and ask if they would be interested in having you come in for show and tell.
  • keep an eye out in papers or on billboards for any cool science fairs or craft fairs that a reprap booth would fit in at. if you find one, post about it in the NJ RUG forum.


Until there are more members, or we have a project to work on, we'll probably just use the forum and wiki to communicate. New Jersey is the biggest little state. Those who live here know that it's not how far away something is, but how long it will take you to get there. South Jersey people aren't going to drive two hours north for a meet up, and vise versa.

However, If you have a show or fair that you are taking your reprap to, please post the time and place so we can meet fellow reprapers and show our support.

Upcoming Faires and Exibitions

  • NY Maker Faire 2011 September 17th and 18th at the NY Hall of Science (in Flushing meddows, by the old Worlds Faire fairegrounds and the Aurther Ashe stadium).

it's a bit of a pain to get to the Faire from NJ. I wish they did it in Liberty state park. If anyone from NJ is getting a spot at the 3d printer village, post here so we know to come visit.



If you're in Jersey and have a reprap or repstrap, your a member. Only "Official" members get decoder rings, though, and are taught the secret handshake.* Don't worry, there aren't any obligations; it's just useful to know other people close-by that can print you out a replacement part if something breaks.

If you'd like to become an "Official" member, add your name to the list below. Also please list your general area or county, and the status of your machine(s)

  • Buback - Warren/Morris county - Mendel, first print on Jan. 5, 2011
  • Selim - Princeton, NJ - Mendel, commissioning electronics March 6, 2011
  • Stefan - Levittown, PA (come on; it's only 10 miles to NJ and close to Princeton) - Wooden Mendel, first print on May 17th, 2011
  • Damian - Passaic County - Planning to build...and working on logo...
  • StottieCake - Morris County, NJ - Starting to build a Prusa Mendel
  • akhlut - Atlantic County - Got my Prusa V2 humming, working on a Prism Mendel
  • jbernardis - Princeton NJ - Started with Prusa V2, upgraded to custom prism, building delta (rostock)

*The ring is a lie (though it would be cool. maybe i'll knock up one in AoI). The handshake is not.