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The RAMPS 1.5 is a variation of the popular RAMPS boards that, like all other RAMPS boards, is plugged into an Arduino Mega for operation. The layout of the RAMPS 1.5 is virtually identical to that of the RAMPS 1.4. The only real difference between the two are the MOSFETs and the fuses.

IMPORTANT: It is important to note that the RAMPS 1.5 is not developed by UltiMachine, the original developer of the RAMPS boards. It is designed and manufactured by BIQU/BIGTREETECH based on the original open-source RAMPS designs but they have not open-sourced the designs or released any official documentation to date which is in violation of the original RAMPS hardware license.

Also, the positions of the D1 and D2 diodes have been swapped from the positions in RAMPS 1.4, the D1 diode is now the diode closest to fuse F2.

Comparison With Other RAMPS Versions

Both use the same mosfet but simply have them installed differently: the RAMPS 1.4 has them oriented sideways with a heatsink in away that allows it to be easily plugged and unplugged; the RAMPS 1.5 has the mosfets soldered flush to the surface with flush heatsinks on the bottom of the board.

The RAMPS 1.5 uses small surface-mounted fuses rather than the large yellow fuses prone to breakage on the RAMPS 1.4. The downside is that replacing the fuses becomes much more difficult.


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