Prusa i3 Rework CNC Assembly

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Introduction | Bill of materials | Y-axis assembly | X-axis assembly | Connecting X-axis and Z-axis | Motor assembly

X and Y-axis motions | Heated bed assembly | Extruder assembly | Electronics and wiring | Marlin Firmware

Prusa i3 Rework CNC Milling Addition

The development of a CNC Milling Addition to the Prusa i3 can be made out of any material with a tensile strength great enough to provide clamping force on a Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment or any spindle motor. The aim was to keep weight on the X Axis as minimal as possible and to attempt to reduce vibrations transmitted to the Prusa i3 RW.

Table of contents

  1. CNC Assembly
  2. CNC Bill Of Materials
  3. Assembly

Under Development As Of 3/10/14

This is currently in development and STL Files with Notes can be found @ thing:264104