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Introduction | Bill of materials | Y-axis assembly | X-axis assembly | Connecting X-axis and Z-axis | Motor assembly

X and Y-axis motions | Heated bed assembly | Extruder assembly | Electronics and wiring | Marlin Firmware

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Prusa i3 Rework

Release status: working

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Prusa Mendel Iteration 3 rework based on the EiNSTeiN VARIANT.
CAD Models
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The Prusa Mendel i3 is the third version of the open source 3D printer Prusa Mendel. Our version is based on an aluminium frame cut by water jet cutter and threaded rods. Axis motion is made on linear bearings, belts and pulleys or threaded rods and NEMA 17 motors.

The purpose of this document is to provide a visual guide needed to build a Prusa Mendel i3 3D Printer.

The machine's design files and the assembly instructions are licensed under the GPL.

Note: The Prusa i3 Rework now has a version 1.5. The documentation in this wiki is for the original version.

Assembly instructions

Overview of the Prusa i3 Rework.
  1. Bill of materials
  2. Y-axis assembly
  3. X-axis assembly
  4. Connecting X-axis and Z-axis
  5. Motor assembly
  6. X and Y-axis motions
  7. Heated bed assembly
  8. Extruder assembly
  9. CNC Assembly
  10. Electronics and wiring


This design was inspired by older designs:


This design changes several features from its parents.

  • Extruder upgrade: Magma Hotend (by Trinity Lab) support.
  • New cooling fan duct for Magma Hotend.
  • Y Idler with a tensioner system.
  • X End Idler with endstop holder.
  • Upgrade X End Idler in order to support 624 bearing.
  • Y Motor with endstop holder.
  • Addition of Z endstop Holder in situ.
  • Addition of a Dremel FlexShaft Attachment for 3 Axis CNC Milling.

Help and support

You can contact us with the following websites : eMotion Tech or par le biais de la rubrique Contact.

How to get it?

  • Printable STL part files are available on Thingiverse and Github.
  • The frame DXF files (for laser/waterjet cutting) are available on Github. Note: the Rework uses the EiNSTeiN frame, which was adapted from the original Prusa design to accommodate 10mm threaded rods.
  • Kits from 249$