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Prusa i3 Ormerod

Release status: working

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Prusa Mendel Iteration 3 rework based Prusa i3 Rework and Ormerod 2.
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The Prusa i3 Ormerod is a fusion of two famous 3D printers, Prusa i3 and Ormerod. It is completely open source including extruder (Quick set hotend) and electronics (Duet board).

The aim of this project is to come back to the roots of the Reprap project, a completely open source 3D printer and to keep the best results and features on the market.

The machine's design files and the assembly instructions are licensed under the GPL licence.

Assembly instructions

Overview of the Prusa i3 Ormerod.
  1. Prusa i3 Ormerod documentation


  • Open source Extruder Quick set hot end - Bowden type
  • Prusa i3 frame and mechanics;
  • Z auto bed leveling with inductive sensor & MK3 aluminium heatbed
  • Current electronics based on Arduino + Ramps 1.4

Under development

  • Duet board controller with web browser

How to get it?