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Prusa i3 Blomker

Release status: working

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Prusa i3 Variant by Blomker Industries
CAD Models
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Prusa i3 by Blomker Industries

This page describes the Prusa i3 variant put together by Blomker Industries. This is the Single Plate Aluminium version running on SCV10UU linear bearing for Y Axis. A very sturdy and rigid setup.

Josef Prusa is the designer of Prusa i3. We love his work for the way he design 3D Printers with minimalist concept.


We have incorporated some of our ideas into the original Prusa i3 design. Some of the enhancements area :

  • Direct Drive Extruder Carriage. Download here:Thingiverse:181015
  • Glass corner bracket for a PLA Only machine. Download here : Thingiverse:193663
  • Dual option for Y Axis Linear Bearing - SCV8UU, SCV10UU, SC8UU, SC10UU are supported


  • Print Area Dimensions: 200mm x 200 mm x 155 mm
  • Maximum Print Speed: 150mm/sec
  • Minimum Print Layer Height: 0.1mm or 100microns
  • Frame: 5083 Aluminium 6mm thick, 10mm diameter galvanised threaded rod


Assembly Instructions

Before you start, please take note of the following :

  • Do not exert excessive force when tightening bolts and nuts on the printed parts. The printed parts may crack.
  • Never connect/disconnect stepper motors when powered on. The stepper drivers may be damaged if you do so.
  • Double check the polarity of power supply wiring before powering on for the first time. Reversed polarity will damage the controller board.
  • Make sure that the fan is constantly blowing at the hot end's aluminium barrel. Operating the printer without extruder fan can cause filament to jam in the barrel.

Prusai3 Tools.jpg Tools required : X Acto Knife, Flat Head Screwdriver, a pair of 17mm Spanner, a set of Metric size Allen Key

Prusa i3 Assembly 1.jpg 2pcs of 10mm diameter smooth rods and 4pcs of SCV10UU Linear Bearings

Prusa i3 Assembly 2.jpg Slide in two pieces of SCV10UU into each 10mm smooth rod. Do this gently to avoid knocking loose the tiny ball bearings.

Prusa i3 Assembly 3.jpg Print bed and 8pcs of M5 x 10mm cap screws

Prusa i3 Assembly 4.jpg Attach the print bed onto the SCV10UU with the M5 cap screws

Prusa i3 Assembly 5.jpg Y belt holder, 2pcs M3x16mm cap screws, 2 M3 nut

Prusa i3 Assembly 6.jpg Attach the Y belt holder to the center of print bed using the M3 cap screws

Prusa i3 Assembly 7.jpg Tighten the M3 nuts at the bottom

Prusa i3 Assembly 8.jpg 2pcs of 10mm threaded rods, 4pcs of M10 washer, 8PCS of M10 nut. Prepare them as shown in the picture.

Prusa i3 Assembly 9.jpg X End printed parts, 2pcs of M5 nut, 4pcs of LM8UU bearing

Prusa i3 Assembly10.jpg Insert the LM8UU bearings into the X End bearing holders as shown in picture. Knock them lightly into position if required.

Prusa i3 Assembly11.jpg Expanding the bearing holder with a screw driver may help.

Prusa i3 Assembly12.jpg Push the M5 nuts into the nut trap as shown (see yellow arrows)

Prusa i3 Assembly19.jpg Cut off the tiny bit of plastic on all 4 Z Axis corners

Prusa i3 Assembly20.jpg This allow the plastic to expand a little more for 8mm smooth rods to be inserted

Prusa i3 Assembly21.jpg All 4 Z Axis corners, M3 x 16mm cap screws and M3 nut

Prusa i3 Assembly22.jpg Mount the lower Z corners as shown

Prusa i3 Assembly23.jpg Tighten the M3 nut at the back

Prusa i3 Assembly24.jpg Picture shows all 4 corners mounted but please mount only the bottom one for now.

Prusa i3 Assembly26.jpg 2pcs of NEMA 17 stepper motor and 2pcs of flexible motor shaft coupler

Prusa i3 Assembly27.jpg Mount the motor shaft coupler

Prusa i3 Assembly28.jpg Tighten the grub screw

Prusa i3 Assembly29.jpg Mount the motors onto the Z corner with M3 x 10mm cap screws

Prusa i3 Assembly31.jpg Mount a GT2 pulley up side down as shown in the picture

Prusa i3 Assembly32.jpg Secure the stepper motor onto the X End Motor Holder with M3 x 12mm cap screws

Prusa i3 Assembly33.jpg 624ZZ & M4x18mm cap screw

Prusa i3 Assembly34.jpg Assemble the 624ZZ on the X End Idler as shown. M4 nut not required to secure the assembly.

Prusa i3 Assembly35.jpg Insert the 5mm threaded rods 1/4 way through

Prusa i3 Assembly36.jpg 3pcs LM8UU & 2pcs 8mm dia x 378mm smooth rods. Insert the bearings as shown

Prusa i3 Assembly37.jpg Insert the 300mm length smooth rods for Z Axis through the LM8UU bearings at both X Ends. Be careful and gentle when doing this. Insert it straight to avoid knocking the tiny bearings inside LM8UU out of its position.

Prusa i3 Assembly38.jpg Push the 378mm smooth rods into the X End (with motor mount). Push them all the way in. Knock lightly if required.

Prusa i3 Assembly39.jpg Notice that the 2 LM8UU bearings should be above.

Prusa i3 Assembly42.jpg Push the other X End in. Knock lightly if required

Prusa i3 Assembly43.jpg Insert the Top Z Axis smooth rod holder (left side)

Prusa i3 Assembly44.jpg Insert the Top Z Axis smooth rod holder (right side)

Prusa i3 Assembly45.jpg Place the partially assembled Z Axis stage onto the frame. Both the 5mm threaded rods should be inserted to the shaft couplers. The Z Axis smooth rods should be inserted to the hole on the Motor Holder. Make sure the smooth rods' end are seated on the motor's top surface.

Prusa i3 Assembly46.jpg Make sure both the 5mm threaded rod and 8mm smooth rods are seated in position

Prusa i3 Assembly47.jpg Make sure both the 5mm threaded rod and 8mm smooth rods are seated in position

Prusa i3 Assembly48.jpg Secure both the Top Z Axis Smooth Rods Holder to the frame using 2pcs of M3x16mm cap screws and 2pcs of M3 nut for each holder.

Prusa i3 Assembly49.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly50.jpg Tighten the grub screws on shaft coupler to grip the 5mm threaded rods

Prusa i3 Assembly51.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly52.jpg Prepare the X Carriage by inserting zip ties as shown

Prusa i3 Assembly53.jpg Tighten the zip ties around the LM8UU bearings as shown

Prusa i3 Assembly54.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly55.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly56.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly57.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly58.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly59.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly60.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly61.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly62.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly63.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly64.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly65.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly66.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly67.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly68.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly69.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly70.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly71.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly72.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly73.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly74.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly75.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly76.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly77.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly78.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly79.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly84.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly85.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly86.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly87.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly88.jpg Place the glass surface on top of the heat bed. Secure it using bulldog clips.

Prusa i3 Assembly89.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly90.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly98.jpg Raise the Y Idler until the belt is in tension. Make sure belt is not sloppy. Tighten the M10 nuts to hold the Y Idler in position for belt tensioning.

Prusa i3 Assembly99.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl100.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl101.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl102.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl103.jpg Mount the hot end fan as shown. This fan is very important to cool the hot end's heatsink barrel.

Prusa i3 Assembl104.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl107.jpg M4 & M3 nuts pushed into nut traps

Prusa i3 Assembl105.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl106.jpg M4 x 8mm cap screws to secure the hotend mount onto extruder carriage

Prusa i3 Assembly13.jpg Extruder lever arm, 623ZZ bearing, 12mm set screw

Prusa i3 Assembly14.jpg Break the support structure in bearing slot with a screwdriver

Prusa i3 Assembly15.jpg Support structure removed

Prusa i3 Assembly16.jpg Insert the 624ZZ bearing and set screw

Prusa i3 Assembly80.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly81.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly82.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembly83.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl108.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl109.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl110.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl111.jpg

Prusa i3 Assembl113.png Mount the assembled extruder to the carriage using 2pcs of M3 x 10mm cap screws

Prusa i3 Assembl115.png Mounted extruder

Prusa i3 Assembl112.jpg

The only calibration required is to ensure that the starting height for Nozzle tip is just slightly above the print surface when the Z Axis is homed. The nozzle height should look like the picture in above when homed. Adjust the position of Z Endstop switch to increase/decrease the nozzle tip height. If it is too low, the nozzle tip will scrape across the print surface and damage the Kapton tape surface. If it is too high, the first layer of extruded plastic will not stick to surface.

Make sure the nozzle tip is at equal height across the entire print surface. The Y Axis (back to front) should not be a problem if the printer was assembled correctly. Adjust the X Axis (left to right) height by turning the Z Axis stepper motor shaft couplers by hand. Turn one side at a time to increase/decrease the height at one end. Slide the Extruder Carriage by hand from left to right to check on the starting height.

Prusai3 RAMPS Blomker.png Wire up the Prusa i3 according to the diagram.

Prusai3 Wiring.jpg Close up picture of the endstop connection

Download Software Pack :

Windows OS Platform

MAC OS X Platform

Software installation and operating guide included in the .zip file.